Best Breweries in Minneapolis


Minneapolis has much to offer when it comes to beer. Whether you want to unwind after a long week’s worth of work or have fun with your loved ones, Minneapolis breweries will always have a seat for you. With so many to visit, where do you start?

Here’s our list of the eight best breweries in Minneapolis.

56 Brewing

56 Brewing in Minneapolis

56 Brewing can be your go-to brewery if you love fruity-tasting beers. But it’s not all they offer on tap since sweet-tasting beers like caramel or coffee-flavored ones. They’re all made with the freshest and local ingredients, which Minnesotans will surely love.

Are you also a trivia-maniac? The brewery hosts trivia night every Wednesday at 7 PM! Flex your brain muscles before the big night, and you will win beer goodies from the brewery.

Surly Brewing

Surly Brewing in Minneapolis

After having had enough of bad-tasting beers over the years, Surly Brewing started with the mission of brewing the best in Minnesota. All-year-long they have the Furious IPA, which was a product of them unable to find the best beers in the city. But if IPAs aren’t your thing, they also have the hoppy crushers available in Grapefruit, Mango, and Key Lime.

Able Seedhouse + Brewery

Able Seedhouse + Brewery in Minneapolis

Growth is at the core of Able Seedhouse. From one seed, it blossomed into many beers, networks, and markets. Currently, they have three core beers, First Light (American IPA), Supergiant (Golden Ale), and the Ol’ Trusty (Light Beer).

They’re not only committed to growth, but they also follow sustainable practices and are advocates of planet Earth.

Bauhaus Brew Labs

Bauhaus Brew Labs in Minneapolis

Bauhaus attributes its artistic origins to the Bauhaus School in Germany, focused on teaching design and art. And they have followed the school’s philosophy of creativity and bringing joy. Their German-inspired beers include the Wonderstuff Pilsner and Guavatron Pink Guava Gose.

Friends and family who don’t drink alcohol can tag along since they offer “Nah,” their line of non-alcoholic beverages. It still has a taste of beer without the guilt of drinking actual alcohol.

Dangerous Man Brewing Co.

Dangerous Man Brewing Co. in Minneapolis

Before becoming one of the best breweries in Minneapolis, Rob Miller (founder of the brewery) was a homebrewer. And in 8 years, he created 200 beer flavors! While they don’t have that much on their taproom, every beer is brewed to perfection.

Fulton Brewing

Fulton Brewing in Minneapolis

Like most brewery origin stories, Jim, Ryan, Peter, and Brian were a couple of guys who wanted to brew beers in a garage. Little did they know that their beers would eventually take off that led them to quit their day jobs. Two of their starter beers, Sweet Child of Vine and The Lonely Blonde, are still available to drink all day long.

Indeed Brewing

Indeed Brewing in Minneapolis

Indeed Brewing isn’t just a brewery to serve the best beers in Minneapolis. They want to ensure their team and customers have the best experience. So far, they have their core six beers available all year long, with the Day Tripper Pale Ale as their lead.

If you’re indeed a regular, you can sign up for the Bier Club, where you can enjoy exclusive deals and promos. If you’re in Milwaukee, you’re in luck since they have one other location where Wisconsinites can have fun sipping Minnesota-based beer.

Fair State Cooperative

Fair State Cooperative in Minneapolis

Before Fair State Cooperative became one of the best breweries in Minneapolis, its founders were playing rugby. They were even in rival teams, no less! But they came together with their shared love for homebrewing and have given Minnesotans more choices to enjoy beer, such as their IPAs and lagers, in the city.

Not to mention, the brewery also does some good by giving back to the community and partnering with local NPOs such as Juxtaposition Arts, Appetite for Change, and Takeaction Minnesota.

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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