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The city of San Antonio is a real scorer. Aside from having the modern and countryside vibe, San Antonio also have amazing breweries that you’ll surely love. Locals and tourists to San Antonio may enjoy a broad selection of beers. Starting from brewpubs, restaurants, and every place that makes their own beer. If you’re seeking to explore San Antonio’s craft beer sector.

Take note, these breweries in San Antonio should be the places that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Maverick Whiskey Distillery & Brewery

Maverick Whiskey Distillery & Brewery in San Antonio

It may not seem unusual to stroll into a Texas drinking place and order a shot and a beer. Nonetheless, Maverick Whiskey Distillery & Brewery has transformed that idea into a sophisticated, well-crafted product. Every Maverick beer and spirit is made in-house, and the beverages may be paired with a sophisticated culinary selection.

The restaurant opens in the summer of 2019, just a few blocks away from the renowned Alamo. The name Maverick came from the owner’s ancestor, Texas patriot Samuel Maverick. As a result, every beverage served at Maverick is a tribute to the valiant souls who died at the Alamo.

Roadmap Brewing Co.

Roadmap Brewing Co. in San Antonio

Hannah and Dustin Baker converted a wedding present homebrewing kit—into a passion enterprise, Roadmap Brewing, which opened in September 2018. On tap at Roadmap are 11 primary beers, including the typical suspects including an IPA, New England IPA, and Hefeweizen. However, any homebrewer will tell you that the need to produce is never satisfied. Roadmap also serves beers such as a German Dark Lager, an English Pub Ale, and a Coffee Stout.

Ranger Creek

Ranger Creek in San Antonio

This one is a brewery and whiskey distillery in one, or a “brewstillery,” as they call it. Since its inception in 2010, The brewstillery has developed a variety of brews that relates to the local culture. Mission Trail Extra Pale Ale, for example, gets its name from San Antonio’s UNESCO-designated Spanish colonial missions. !Viva! 300 is a limited-edition pilsner brewed to commemorate the city’s 300th anniversary. However, the brewery is more than simply naming traditions and history. Many of the beers available at the brewery need a high level of brewing ability.

Small Batch #13 is a Belgian Dark Strong Ale that has been matured for 24 months that includes health benefits. If wild ales aren’t your thing, try one of their normal brews, like the San Antonio Lager. Mix them with the brewstillery’s award-winning grain-to-glass small-batch like Texas bourbon, and more. Which are all from local sources in Texas.

Alamo Beer Company

Alamo Beer Company in San Antonio

The brand started in the late 1870s. Later, it became a part of Anheuser-Lone Busch’s Star Brewing Company, which produced “The National Beer of Texas.”. The iconic Texas beer is Alamo. They started production in December 2014. This marks the first time a beer named “Alamo” has been made in the Alamo City.

The brewery connects individuals together for a beer, food, and fun in the city with seven beer selections. They have Golden Ale, Pale Ale, and Amber Lager, to name a few – and a warm, family-friendly setting.

Blue Star Brewing Company

Blue Star Brewing Company in San Antonio

Since 1996, Blue Star Brewing Company has been a member of the San Antonio beer culture. The brewery is located on the beautiful Riverwalk at the beginning of the Mission Reach along the San Antonio River. The vibrant brewery is a local watering hole where you can watch any game and listen to live music. Meanwhile, the beer is fully organic and made with all-natural components.

Blue Star Brewing Company’s commitment to organic brewing does not prevent it from selling a wide range of beer. They also include cask ales, barleywines, spontaneous and two-year-aged sours, and a Texican Lager.

Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewing

Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewing in San Antonio

In the past years, this brewpub has shown perfection using a menu that mixes craft beer with chef-prepared food. San Antonio’s famed Chef Jeff Balfour created the menu, which features a custom-made brewing system. The restaurant’s success has given Southerleigh the opportunity to create a second site in San Antonio; which is set to open before the end of the year.

Southerleigh has 21 draft beers, many with amusing names like “Over My Dad Body,”; a light-bodied lager brewed with cocoa nibs and red Fresno peppers.

Longtab Brewing Company

Longtab Brewing Company in San Antonio

This one is a restaurant that serves cuisine, beer, and coffee. This full-service brewery delivers all beverages for its customers’ satisfaction. They have a variety of foods on their menu. It is so good that it matches every drink on the menu. Their coffee blend is delicious in any condition. Their beer meets the mark. The taste is meticulously formed throughout the brewing process.

They specialize in American-style beers and versions of classics. They even started a study just to make sure that they use only the best ingredients. Their delicious beer is the result of constant innovation. In each cocktail, the mix of Belgian and German beers with American components works perfectly. 

Freetail Brewing Co. 

Freetail Brewing Co. in San Antonio

This brewery has a taproom as well as a brewpub. The flavor of their cuisine blends wonderfully with the flavor of their beers. Each drink has a distinct San Antonio flavor. They make cocktails with distinct tastes and surprises. They were proud of their innovation because of the inclusion of culture in each drink.

The brewery also has comedy nights as well as food trucks. While patrons enjoy their cuisine and beverages, a live band performs. It’s a nice spot to unwind and spend more time with family.

There are a lot of breweries that you can find in San Antonio. Sure enough, these ones are surely the shops that you wouldn’t like to miss. So you better write these spots on your itinerary and visit them. 

Don’t forget to share this list with your friends. Make sure to have the best time lounging in and having a beer in these breweries. Good beer can bring you good times.

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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