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Seattle is known for a lot of things. It’s where you can find the iconic Space Needle, Pike Place Market, Benaroya Hall, and the Olympic Sculpture Park, to name a few. It’s also known as the Coffee Capital of the US. However, coffee is not the only beverage that you should try out when you are in Seattle. It’s also a city where you can find the best breweries. 

Our team decided to try out the best breweries in Seattle. Among all the places we’ve tried over the past months, only 13 met our standards. If you are visiting the city or would like to try something new, then include a couple of breweries in your plans.

Fremont Brewing

A brewery that was built out of passion, that’s what Fremont Brewing is all about. They made their beer using the finest local and organic ingredients. Their selection is perfect for IPA lovers. Plus, you get to pair your beverage with their free pretzels and delicious apples. Our personal favorites are the Dark Star, Sky Kraken, and Coffee Cinnamon B-Bomb (released mid-December every year). 

Fremont Brewing has a spacious area with a lot of open seating. This is the ideal place to meet friends or to hold gatherings.   

You can visit them at 3409 Woodland Park Avenue North, Seattle 

Elysian Brewing Company

Elysian is known for its classic and flexible styles for brewing and has been consistent with its products for 24 years. You better try the Superfuzz, Day Glow IPA, and Space Dust IPA. You will never get disappointed with their service. Ordering should be easy as well because their menu is detailed and thorough. The prices are average yet the food and beer quality are superior.  

You can even get amazing merchandise that matches your funky personality.  They have multiple locations, but we prefer hanging out at Capitol Hill

Taste their beer at the following areas:  

  • Capitol HIll: 1121 E Pike St., Seattle 
  • Elysian Fields: 542 1st Avenue South, Seattle 
  • Taproom: 5410 Airport Way S., Seattle

Rooftop Brewing Company

The Rooftop Brewing Company might be smaller than the other breweries in the list, but it genuinely deserves a spot. Their beers are also reasonably-priced, perfect if you are on a budget. 

They have a cozy patio where you can meet and mingle with other people. The Rooftop Brewing Company is pet-friendly, and that’s definitely a plus. They always have something new to offer. So even if it isn’t your first time in Seattle, you will keep coming back to this brewery. Our top picks are their Galaxy Single Hop IPA, Pilsner Style Ale, and Oatmeal Stout. 

Go ahead and visit this cool brewery at 1220 W Nickerson St. Seattle

Standard Brewing

If you want to taste one of the best ciders in the world, just go straight to Standard Brewing. We are not exaggerating. You can even ask other customers and they will say the same thing. 

Our group has been going back to Standard Brewing and their ever-changing menu always surprises us. We recommend pairing your 32 oz Crowler with their Chips and Onion Dip. You can also bring home some of their most popular selections, To Have and Have Not, Antimoon, and Lucinda. 

Don’t miss the chance to taste their fantastic beers and equally amazing food. Standard Brewing is located at 2504 Jackson St, Seattle. 

Reuben’s Brews

Reuben’s Brews is one of the most innovative breweries in Seattle. Every year, they make sure to create a new IPA using their discoveries. It’s hard not to order another glass or bottle when you taste their beers. The Summer IPA and Bits & Bobs IPA are definitely at the top of our list. And during the fourth quarter of the year, wait for their Autumn Harvest. This is the best place if you are searching for a brewery with an indoor and outdoor setup.  

Their Taproom is located at 5010 14th Avenue NW, Seattle. As for The Brewtap, you can find it at 800 NW 46th, Seattle. 

Stoup Brewing

People keep on coming back to Stoup Brewing not just because of their beer, but because of the quality of their service. It really adds to the overall experience. 

Just recently, our group tried Vic Secret IPA, Weizenbock, and Afternoon Delight. Based on our preference, we can’t get enough of the Weizenbock. They have beer-to-go as well. We recommend that you bring home Mosaic Pale Ale and Extra Loud Dry Irish Stout. 

You might also want to reserve the entire floor upstairs for small gatherings. The flight of stairs might be too long, but the view, ambiance, beer, and food will make it worthwhile. 

Invite your friends for a quick drink at Stoup Brewing. You can find it at 1108 NW 52nd St, Seattle. 

Pike Brewing Company

If you are passionate about learning beer, then this place is a must-visit. You will certainly get interesting information. The memorabilia on the walls have added value to the entire place. 

Pike Brewing Company is fairly spacious and it can handle bigger groups. And let’s not forget about their food. You’d probably order for more. These are made using fresh ingredients, which make it even more appetizing. We recommend Wild Salmon BLT, Mushroom Swiss, and their Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup. 

We have to say, this has got to be the crowd favorite. Don’t forget to try the Pike Meeker IPA and Pike Place Ale

Pike Brewing Company is located at 1415 First Avenue, Seattle.  

Old Stove Brewing Co.

Old Stove Brewing Co. is where you get to enjoy local flavor. And if you are a tourist, there’s nothing better than experiencing what is ‘home’ to others. We recommend that you get Blackberry Sour, Amber Waves, and Out of the Past – West Coast IPA. 

In addition, you shouldn’t miss their mouth-watering burgers and their mashed potatoes with steak. We’re pretty sure a lot of people will agree with us. 

You can experience their local beers at 1901 Western Avenue Suite A, Seattle. 

Cloudburst Brewing

When we first went to Cloudburst Brewing, we immediately loved the vibe. People were all smiles, enjoying their beers, and sharing random stories. It’s as if you are in another world. 

The best beers we want you to get are Some Space, Tone It Down, and Happy Little Clouds. While there are no food choices as of the moment, the company plans to have a food truck soon. So we look forward to that. And don’t forget, no kids allowed here. 

Cloudburst Brewing is located at 2116 Western Ave, Seattle.

Ghostfish Brewing

They serve gluten-free beer and food, so practically everyone can enjoy their menu without having to worry. Of course, don’t miss their flagship beers. You can get the Grapefruit IPA, Shrouded Summit Belgian White Ale, and Kick Step IPA. They also have merchandise if you want to bring a piece of Ghostfish Brewing. The 5th Anniversary Teku Glass is our favorite. 

Visit them at 2942 1st Avenue S. Seattle. 

Holy Mountain Brewing

This is considered one of Seattle’s gems, and we certainly agree. We highly recommend their sours. 

It’s the right place whether you want to spend time with friends, or just want to relax after a tiring day. Holy Mountain Brewing has a great playlist too, so that adds up to the entire experience. The place might not be the easiest one to find, but it’s worth it. 

You can try The White Lodge, The Gray Tower, or The Goat. They have a wide selection to choose from but their staff should help you pick the right one.  

Taste their fine beers at 1421 Elliot Ave W., Seattle.  

Machine House Brewery

A lot of people have compared Machine House Brewery from pubs in the UK. So if you are into that, you better give this brewery a shot. 

Soccer fans will also enjoy spending time here as they can watch from the brewery’s TV. The indoor space is small but you can take advantage of the outdoors. Their beers are cask-conditioned too. Taste their Holiday Spice, Rye IPA, and Porter. 

Have some fun at Machine House Brewery located at 5840 Airport Way S, Suite 121, Seattle. 

Bad Jimmy’s Brewing Co.

Lastly, we have Bad Jimmy’s Brewing Co. But quite frankly, we don’t see anything bad from this brewery that was a result of a hobby. 

Even with only 7 years under their belt, they were able to make a name for themselves. You can enjoy your Apple of My IPA or Chocolate Peanut Butter Milk Stout while playing board games. 

Simply put, this place is relaxed and chill. Locals and tourists will appreciate this place.  

Don’t miss the chance to taste quality beers. They are located at 4358 B Leary Way Northwest, Seattle. 


It’s hard to pick what’s the best one on this list, but Pike Brewing Company won our hearts and apparently our liking for beer. It’s not just about the beer selection, but we enjoyed the entire experience. It’s really a haven for enthusiasts. You get to enjoy the beer, learn history, and possibly make new friends. It will make your stay in Seattle one for the books.  

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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