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Did you know that Finger Lakes was voted as the no. 1 wine region in the U.S. back in 2018? The Finger Lake region is indeed the home of award-winning wines, thanks to its natural setting and seasoned winemakers. If you’re planning to visit the area and go for a winery hopping adventure, then buckle up your seatbelts. Here is the best Finger Lake wineries to add to your itinerary. 

10 Finger Lakes Wineries You Must Visit

Yes, enjoying the finer things in life surrounded by picturesque scenery is one way to escape reality. If you’re a wine-lover, this is the perfect must-visit list to lift up your spirit. Say goodbye to stress as you let your senses enjoy the best fine wine Finger Lakes has to offer. Sounds lovely, right? However, the famed Finger Lakes has more than 100 wineries to provide, and indeed you don’t have the time for that. 

In recent years, there’s been an increasing number of wine-loving travelers seeking out quality wines produced in the region. If you have yet visited any of the Finger Lake Wineries, then you’re missing out! Let’s dive into the curated list of wineries: 

Konstantin Frank Winery

Konstantin Frank Winery in Hammondsport

In Finger Lakes, the most famous winery is Dr. Konstantin Frank. This winery holds a long history as it is considered one of the founders of high-class wine in the region. Not only that, but it is also the most award-winning vineyard. Indeed, the taste of their wine lived up to its hype. It’s worthy of high praise. 

Due to its fame, a visit to this particular winery needs patience. Expect a long line and a 10-15 minutes wait. However, the long wait will surely be worth it as you take a sip in one of their tasting rooms. Enjoy the winery’s Rieslings and sparkling varietals. 

Location: 9749 Middle Road, West Side of Keuka Lake, Hammondsport

Boundary Breaks Vineyard

Boundary Breaks Vineyard in Lodi

Sample Boundary Breaks’ famed Riesling that’s considered one of the best within the region. The winery plants near Seneca Lake protect its Cabernet Franc grapes, Gewürztraminer, and Riesling from winter temperatures. Furthermore, the winery drains their fields to keep the vines dry to produce more flavor. If you love sweet wines, make sure to taste their sweet Spätlese-style No. 198 or dry riesling No. 239. 

Location: 1568 Porter Cove Road, Lodi, East Side of Seneca Lake. 

O-Neh-Da & Eagle Crest Vineyards

O-Neh-Da & Eagle Crest Vineyards in Conesus

These vineyards are one of America’s oldest wineries located in the Finger Lakes Wine Region. Furthermore, O-Neh-Da was initially founded by Rochester’s first bishop to process premium sacramental wine for the local churches. It was popularized back in 2015 when it was served at a New York mass by Pope Francis. 

It’s a historical vineyard that produces Eagle table wines and O-Neh-Da sacramental wines, which do not contain sugars or chemicals. If you want to take in some history as you sip premium wines, this should be added to your itinerary. 

Location: 7107 Vineyard Road, Conesus

Keuka Lake Vineyards

Keuka Lake Vineyards in Hammondsport

When you travel near Keuka lake, Keuka Lake Vineyards is a must-go-to vineyard. It is a spot that feels under-the-radar as it does not have a fancy tasting room. It boasts a comfortable tasting experience accompanied by a scenic view. 

The wine variety is heavily in the white type territory, as it has an emphasis on Riesling, Vignoles, and Sauvignon Blanc. Also, their solid Evergreen Lek Riesling is a must-try. 

Location: 8882 County Route 76, Hammondsport

McGregor Winery

McGregor Winery in the East Side of Keuka Lake in Dundee

Sample some wines in a winery that’s considered to have one of the best views in Finger Lakes. This is thanks to the lake splits’ breathtaking viewing angle, a particular character of the lake. Of course, the view is not our top priority. Fortunately, this winery makes exceptionally fine Riesling and reserve red blends that use Saperavi and other European grape varietals. 

Location: 5503 Dutch Street, East Side of Keuka Lake in Dundee

Heron Hill Winery

Heron Hill Winery in Hammondsport

If you want to visit one of the most beautiful tasting rooms, Heron Hill Winery is the perfect place. However, what’s the use of a beautiful tasting room if the wine’s quality does not meet your expectations? Of course, this winery will not fail you when it comes to their wine’s quality. 

According to some reviews, Heron Hill is the only winery with red wine worth buying. Their Cabernet Franc has all the quality that we look for in an excellent red wine. Furthermore, it boasts notable moderate tannins and lingering flavor. 

Location: 9301 Co Rd 76, West Side of Keuka Lake, Hammondsport

Hermann J. Wiemer Winery

Hermann J. Wiemer Winery in Dundee

When one hears about Hermann J. Wiemer’s winery, the first thing that pops in mind is Riesling. If you’re on a venture to taste top-shelf quality Riesling, then you should add this winery to your list. The tasting area for the winery takes place in a converted barn. Indeed, this winery is a hands-down regional favorite. 

Location: 3962 NY-14, West Side of Seneca Lake, Dundee

Standing Stone Vineyards

Standing Stone Vineyards in the East Side of Seneca Lake, Hector

This winery has the best view of Seneca Lake. To top it all, it has a broad spectrum of wines, each with a premium taste. It’s also one of the wineries that have a massive stock of Saperavi. Saperavi is a grape that comes from Georgia’s country that’s been gaining popularity in Finger Lakes. This red grape has an intense flavor than any red wine you’ll find in the region.

Location: 9934 NY-414, East Side of Seneca Lake, Hector

Lamoreaux Landing

Lamoreaux Landing in Lodi

If you’re seeking a place with a large bottle variety, you need to stop at Lamoreaux Landing winery. To name a few, it has Riesling, Cabernet Franc, Blanc de Blanc, and a wide variety of aged wines. For sure, you’ll walk away with a few bottles in tow. 

Location: 9224 NY-414, Lodi

Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards

Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards in Seneca Lake

This farm is located along the famous Seneca Lake Wine Trail. The vineyard is known for its fine Rieslings, Cabernet Franc, and traditional ice wines. The Hazlitt Heritage tasting also includes wines paired with local bread, meat, and cheese. The best-selling wine for Hazlitt 1852 is their Red Cat wine, which is the original sweet red wine.

Location: Eastern Shore, Seneca Lake

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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