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The capital and most famous city of Massachusetts, also known for the famous Boston Celtics NBA Team. Let’s not forget the baked beans that the locals and even the tourists love! But for now, let’s put those aside and discover the unique flavors and twists that Boston has on their pizzas. The city has been explored by many people and some of them keep coming back because of their amazing pizzerias.

Here is the Best Pizza in Boston that you certainly do not wanna miss. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, these places will make you come back a hundred times! Without further ado, let’s get right to it!

Area Four

Area Four in Boston

Address: 500 Technology Square, Cambridge
Contact No.: 617-758-4444

Fueled by creativity, fearlessness, and an unbreakable commitment to the quality of their products, Area Four really deserves a spot on our list. A4 believes that great food comes from great ingredients and that is why they make everything from scratch and use the freshest ingredients you can find. When I say the freshest, I really mean it. Their ingredients are all from local sources. And, this makes their pizzas a must-have for every pizza party, and even something you crave late at night. It’s very important to know if the ingredients you use don’t harm not only the people but also the environment. A4 promises that they give satisfaction to their customers but also help the environment. They really are the best.

Armando’s Pizza

Armando’s Pizza in Boston

Address: 163 Huron Ave., Cambridge
Contact No.: 617-354-8275

Every town has a signature pizza place, and Armando’s is one of Boston’s. Located in a very friendly neighborhood in Cambridge you surely won’t miss the burnt-orange booth and its wood-paneled walls. Armando’s has been in the business for decades and they surely don’t leave a slice left when it comes to New York-style pizzas so you better grab them now! Meanwhile, the wonderfully spongy dough of the Sicilian-style squares is even better, so I’ll tell you one thing: DON’T MISS OUT!

Brewer’s Fork

Brewer’s Fork in Boston

Address: 7 Moulton St., Charlestown
Contact No.: 617-337-5703

Brewer’s Fork has been a crowd favorite ever since they launched. What makes them unique is their wood-fired pies that just don’t cling to anyone’s style—their rustic, craftsmanlike traits do complement the restaurant’s brick-and-granite surroundings. They’re absolutely delicious, topped with foraged mushrooms, roasted Honeynut squash, and other ingredients, and drunk down with a superb local beer variety will make you come back for another batch and just indulge everything while enjoying a nice ambiance. This comforting spot is excellent for neighborhood types thanks to its wood-fired pizzas and small meals, but the curated draft beer selection and splurge-worthy basement vault elevate it to a must-visit location. You better add this to your itinerary when you go visit Boston!

Boardwalk Pizza

Boardwalk Pizza in Boston

Address: 332 Victory Road, Marina Bay, Quincy
Contact No.: 617-315-4099

If you’re looking for something to eat while strolling by the ocean, you might think of fried seafood—and we’ve got you covered there, too. A piece of pizza, on the other hand, is the ideal beachfront snack, and this Quincy newcomer, located just next to a seaside park in Marina Bay, is well worth the trip. There are giant quarter-pie slices from the Frattaroli family, the family behind a number of long-running North End eateries, all properly crisped so they don’t flop on your stroll. There are also a few tributes to the oceanside setting: sea salt, for example, adds a little something extra to the dough, and toppings like Cape Cod mussels and local lobster are available.

Double Zero

Double Zero in Boston

Address: 163 Newbury St., Boston
Contact No.: 857-350-3405

And, for all our Vegan friends out there we introduce to you, Double Zero, A Michelin-starred vegan pizzeria that is also loved by many. It is the creation of chef Matthew Kenney, a well-known figure in the plant-based eating movement with restaurants all throughout the country. Double Zero, named after the gold-standard Italian flour and originating in New York’s East Village, serves gourmet pies with bottles of organic wines, and all wood-fired, Neapolitan-style options are meat- and dairy-free. Try the Bianca pizza, which is full of nut cheeses including macadamia ricotta, cashew mozzarella, and almond Parmesan, as well as pepperoncini.

Galleria Umberto

Galleria Umberto in Boston

Address: 289 Hanover St., Boston
Contact No.: 617-227-5709

You’d assume that Boston’s Italian-restaurant-heavy North End would be the city’s pizza hotspot. You’d be—well, you’d be accurate. There are arguably more pies per capita here than anyplace else, but it also makes finding the genuinely wonderful slices amid the sad, soggy pretenders more difficult. Umberto’s services fall squarely within the first group. The sparse, cash-only café offers a homey, cafeteria-style ambiance, and its limited menu focuses on Sicilian-style squares. They are, in a word, amazing—whether serve in paper plates or in take-home boxes. And have even won the institution a prestigious America’s Classics award from the James Beard Foundation.


Coppa in Boston

Address: 253 Shawmut Ave., Boston
Contact No.: 617-391-0902

The wood-fired pizzas (and the adorable street-corner terrace) at this South End trendy cafes have long been renowned. With precisely browned, wood-fired crusts complemented by star chef Jamie Bissonnette’s charcuterie skills—think toppers like lamb sausage and spicy, dry-aged salami. Just imagining it makes me hungry already.

Hot Box

Hot Box in Boston

Address: 253 Shawmut Ave., Boston
Contact No.: 617-391-0902

The “drool” emoji is definitely an easy way to text your pals about Hot Box. A takeout-only vendor at Bow Market, a dining-and-retail courtyard in Somerville. Hot Box offers a fun idea, providing only two North Shore and South Shore regional culinary mainstays (roast beef sandwiches) (bar pizzas). In case you haven’t heard, bar pizzas are incredibly crispy, cracker-thin pies topped with char-spotted cheese that flows all the way to the edge. And Hot Box has a few mouthwatering selections, including our personal favorite, the Roni, which is topped with quality pepperoni and feta.

Prairie Fire

Prairie Fire in Boston

Address: 242 Harvard St., Brookline
Contact No.: 617-396-8199

Prairie Fire’s menu has been characterized by technique-driven variations on rustic, wood-fired American cuisine since its inception in 2017. Generally, this includes a quartet of outstanding pizzas, such as the outstanding Fennel Sausage, which comes out of the oven with just the perfect amount of char to its ricotta-, fennel-, and red onion-covered dough. There’s a new incentive to visit the Brookline restaurant, though: Andrew Iacono, an alum of Chicago’s famed Alinea, has taken over as chief chef, and the décor has been remodeled to recognize his arrival.

Stoked Wood Fired Pizza Co.

Stoked Wood Fired Pizza Co. in Boston

Address: 1632 Beacon St., Brookline, 1161 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge
Contact No.: 617-879-0707, 617-945-0989

Starting a wood-fired pizza business off of a food truck requires a lot of guts. Fortunately, Stoked pizza-slinging cofounder Scott Riebling comes from a rock-and-roll background. He’s the founding bassist for Boston-based band Letters to Cleo, as well as a music producer. As a result, it takes guts to drive a 3,800-pound wood-fired oven around town, cranking out wonderful, crispy crusts topped with trendy toppings like spicy-chili-infused honey and Impossible Burger. The truck is presently resting. Stoked built a full-service restaurant in Brookline in 2016, as well as a Cambridge location just a few months ago.

And that is it! I know there’s always a pizza for everyone. And sure enough, one of your favorites can be found in these pizzerias. Now, what are you waiting for? Go and indulge your fave pizzas in one ( or even better, ALL!} of these pizza restaurants!

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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