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Denver’s pizza selection offers a wide variety. From New York-style to Neapolitan, this Mile High City pizza game won’t disappoint you. We made a list of must-try and the Best Pizza In Denver that you wouldn’t want to miss. If you want to explore the best pizzas Denver’s got to offer, here are some places you NEED to visit.

Also, if the pizzerias listed below have caught your eye, take note that some establishments require reservations. 

Marco’s Coal Fired

Marco’s Coal Fired in Denver

Price Range: $15 to $20

Location: 2129 Larimer Street, Denver

Special Diet: Gluten Free, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options

Mark Dym and his wife Kristy wanted to create the perfect pizza, so they headed to Naples— pizza’s birthplace. Marco’s is the only restaurant in Colorado that’s certified by Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. It means that the restaurant has international authority to make “authentic” Neapolitan pies. So if you want to taste what authentic Napolitan pies taste like, head over to Marco’s Coal Fired.    

Joy Hill

Joy Hill in Denver

Price Range: $8 to $18

Location: 1229 South Broadway, Denver

Special Diet: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options

Meanwhile, in March 2020, a new pizza destination opened in Broadway’s Antique Row. If you’re in the mood to eat your pizza with cocktails or organic wines, then Joy Hill is a must-visit. Amongst Joy Hill’s selection, customers picked Chillis N Pep as their favorite.

Most importantly, if you like pizzas with pepperoni, honey, mozzarella, and pickled peppers, it’s definitely a must-try. The best part of this pizzeria? It’s the only pizza place that has a rooftop patio. 

Hops and Pie

Hops and Pie in Denver

Price Range: $2.5 to $46

Location: 3920 Tennyson Street, Denver

Special Diet: Gluten Free, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options

Hops and Pie is the place to be if you’re in the mood for artisan pizza and craft beer. The pizzeria also offers a nice variety of salads, sandwiches, and snacks. The Tap Room offers more than 20 curated taps paired with knowledgeable staff about the craft. If you’re interested in visiting Hops and Pie, it’s recommended to avoid the busy hours, like evenings and weekends, as tables are hard to come by. 

Kaos Pizzeria

Kaos Pizzeria in Denver

Price Range: 

Location: 1439 S Pearl Street, Denver

Special Diet: 

Kaos has a cozy and homey interior that’s perfect for enjoying with their artisanal pizzas. You can enjoy a slice of pizza inside a 100-year-old brick cottage. You can also enjoy Kaos’ award-winning garden patio while enjoying your slice of pizza and draft beer. Everything created in Kaos Pizzeria is done manually, and the ingredients used are sourced from local ranches or farms. 

Ian’s Pizza

Ian’s Pizza in Denver

Price Range: $10 to $57.50

Location: 2210 Blake Street, Denver

Special Diet: Vegetarian Friendly

Ian’s Pizza is located in downtown’s busiest neighborhood and opens until midnight. This pizzeria offers a wide variety in its menu. Whether you’re craving red, white, or bbq sauced pizza, the menu selection will deliver. Don’t fancy anything on the menu? That’s fine. You can always build your pizza and have fun selecting the veggies, meat, sauces, and crust. 

Angelo’s Taverna

Angelo’s Taverna in Denver

Price Range: $8 to $80

Location: 620 East 6th Avenue, Denver

Special Diet: Gluten Free, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options

Angelo’s Taverna serves Italian cuisine with a wide variety of drinks from craft beers to cocktails. 

Whatever the mood you’re in, this pizzeria has indoor and patio dining available. You can enjoy your pizza while admiring the industrial-styled interior or get a dose of fresh air on the patio. Aside from pizza, you can also enjoy the Char-grilled oysters that customers highly recommend. 

Blue Pan Pizza

Blue Pan Pizza in Denver

Price Range: $9 to $35

Location: 3920 West 32nd Avenue, Denver

Special Diet: Vegetarian Friendly, Gluten Free Options

Blue Pan offers a diverse style of pizzas to choose from. You can find Italian, Chicago, and New York-style pizzas to satiate your cravings on the menu. This pizzeria is widely known for Jeff Smokevitch’s award-winning Detroit-style pizza. So if you’re looking for a cheesy, caramelized crust pizza experience, you know what to order. 

Aside from cheesy pizzas, Blue Pan also offers craft beer to complete your meal. Unfortunately, at the moment, the dining room of this pizzeria remains closed. However, you can still order online to satisfy your pizza craving.    


Cart-Driver in Denver

Price Range: $10 to $30

Location: 2500 Larimer Street Suite 100, Denver

Special Diet: Gluten Free, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options

Cart-Driver is the go-to place if you’re wondering how it feels like to eat pizza inside a shipping container. The pizzeria uses repurposed steel shipping containers that are reconstructed into a contemporary mixed-use space. Aside from its trendy architecture, Cart-Driver offers a lineup of eight pizzas. The most recommended dish is Daisy, also known as Margherita with a dozen 

oysters. Currently, Cart-Driver is open for takeouts, online orders, and patio dining. 

Pizzeria Lui

Pizzeria Lui in Denver

Price Range: $6 to $20

Location: 5380 W Mississippi Avenue Lakewood, Colorado

Pizzeria Lui offers wood-fired oven pizzas that give you a slightly burnt crust with a lingering smokey flavor. You can add toppings like roasted Colorado onions, homemade sausage, anaheim peppers, and more. Enjoy a charred pizza while sipping a glass. 

Crush Pizza + Tap

Crush Pizza + Tap in Denver

Price Range: $8 to $30

Location: 1200 West 38th Avenue, Denver

Special Diet: Gluten-Free Options

Crush Pizza + Tap lets their customers choose the pizza toppings and their ideal pizza style. From Chicago to Sicilian-style, customers have up to three kinds of pizzas to choose from. Aside from pizzas, you can also enjoy wings and beer. Yes, the perfect trio. So if you’re looking for a casual pizzeria with beer selections, Crush Pizza is one of the options.

White Pie

White Pie in Denver

Location: 1702 Humboldt Street, Denver

Special Diet: Vegan Options, Vegetarian Friendly

White Pie is a pizzeria and brewpub. It’s the place to go if you want to try New Haven-style pizza. If you’re wondering what that is, imagine a pizza with a thin and slightly charred crust. It also has a rustic, asymmetrical shape that escapes the circular and box-shaped norm in the pizza world.  

Aside from their spectacular pizza, the interior of this pizzeria is a sight to behold. The most eye-catching installation is the chandelier that’s made out of over 1,000 wine bottles. So if you’re curious about the New Haven-style pizza and the artsy chandelier, head over to White Pie. Also, Monday is the best day to visit White Pie, where all pies are only $12. 

Grabowski’s Pizzeria

Grabowski’s Pizzeria in Denver

Price Range: $8 to $55

Location: 3350 Brighton Boulevard Suite 105, Denver

Lastly, Grabowski’s Pizzeria is the go-to place in Denver if you’re craving some Chicago-style pizza. Although Chicago is famous for its deep-dish pizza, this pizzeria offers thin-crusted and tavern-style pizza.  

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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