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We all know Vegas is known for its luxurious bars and casinos. But, unbeknown to all, Las Vegas’ pizza game is a formidable force. So if you’re craving a mouth-watering slice of pizza while you’re in the city, don’t worry. Other than world-class entertainment, Las Vegas has a lot of pizzerias to offer. Here’s a list of the best pizzerias in Las Vegas that will satisfy your cravings:

Pizza Rock 

Pizza Rock in Las Vegas

Location: 201 N 3rd Street, Las Vegas

Cuisine: Italian and American

Pizza Rock is the home for award-winning pizzas by Tony Gemignani. Tony Gemignani is an 11-time “World Pizza Champion for those who are not familiar with the name.” So if you’re curious how an award-winning pizza tastes like, head over to Pizza Rock. All of us can agree that everyone deserves to treat their taste buds once in a while, right? 

This pizzeria has four kinds of ovens to make a wide range of pies, including Chicago, Sicilian, and more! It’s considered one of the highest-rated pizzerias that are found in Las Vegas. Besides the gourmet pizzas, you can enjoy a glass of imported beer, wine, or artisan cocktail. 

Metro Pizza

Metro Pizza in Las Vegas

Location: 6720 Sky Pointe Driveway, Las Vegas

Cuisine: American 

Metro Pizza is the place to be if you’re craving for an American-styled pizza as it’s claimed to be “America’s Neighborhood Pizza.” The menu mainly offers traditional New York-style cuisine. However, there are other selections that you can enjoy. For example, you can order a Roman Margherita with a crispy thin crust.  

Evel Pie

Evel Pie in Las Vegas

Location: 508 Fremont Street, Las Vegas

Cuisine: American

Evel Pie is a pizzeria named after Evel Knievel, a stunt performer known for his motorcycle jumps. This establishment features memorabilia related to the entertainer and even the motto, “Live hard, ride fast, eat pizza.” So if you’re also a fan or love motorcycles, it will be an exciting visit. 

Aside from the colorful atmosphere, you’ll encounter some unique pizza toppings like Rattlesnake sausage. It also offers Vegan selections for the pizza toppings. 

Naked City Pizza

Naked City Pizza in Las Vegas

Location: 6935 Blue Diamond Rd, Las Vegas

Cuisine: Italian

Originally Naked City Pizza started as a pizza cart outside a local bar. Currently, it managed to grow and expand to two full-fledged locations— Southwest and South Strip. The most famous selection on the menu is the Guinea Pie. It’s known as a local pizza legend due to its massive pile of meatballs, ricotta, spinach, mozzarella, and white garlic sauce. 

Secret Pizza

Secret Pizza in Las Vegas

Location: 3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South Level 3, The Boulevard Tower, Las Vegas

Cuisine: New York

Discover the hidden pizzeria gem in the Cosmopolitan. It’s a secret spot for pizza lovers as it does not have any signage in the front. This pizzeria is hidden on the third floor. So if you’re up for a pizzeria hunt, go to Secret Pizza. 

You can order a slice of pizza at the counter, but if you want a whole pizza, there’s a 15 minute waiting time. Don’t worry. You can entertain yourselves using the pinball machine to pass the time while waiting. 

Settebello Pizzeria

Settebello Pizzeria in Las Vegas

Location: 9350 W Sahara Avenue Suite, Las Vegas

Cuisine: Italian, Neapolitan

If you’re craving a soft, crusted pizza that’s charred gently in a brick oven, then head over to Settebello. This pizzeria is the go-to place for Neapolitan-style pizza lovers. It’s one of the few pizzerias certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana to ensure an authentic Neapolitan-style pizza. 

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria- Palazzo

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria- Palazzo in Las Vegas

Location: 3372 Las Vegas Boulevard S Suite 7210, Las Vegas

Cuisine: Italian, New York

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria offers one of the best New York-style pizzas that are worth trying. Their pizza selection features a thin crispy crust, smokey flavor, great savory sauce, and basil sprinkled on top. You can even wash down your pizza with a glass of wine. Surprisingly, Grimaldi’s offers a wide selection of wine which includes reds, whites, and more! 

Good Pie

Good Pie in Las Vegas

Location: 725 Las Vegas Boulevard S #140, Las Vegas

Cuisine: Italian

Vincent Rotolo’s Good Pie offers a wide selection of circular and rectangular pizzas that will satisfy your taste buds. He makes a three-day fermented dough that’s great for styles such as Sicilian, Brooklyn, Detroit, and East Coast pizzas. Rotolo even makes gluten-free pizzas that is nationally famous for his recipe.  

Pizzeria Monzú

Pizzeria Monzú in Las Vegas

Location: 6020 W Flamingo Road Suite 10, Las Vegas

Cuisine: Italian

Pizzeria Monzú offers a menu selection cultivated from Chef Giovanni Mauro’s Sicilian heritage. So if you want to experience authentic Sicilian cuisine, this pizzeria is a must-visit. Aside from the mouth-watering pizzas and pasta, they have a craft cocktail bar for you to enjoy. The menu selection for drinks also includes a carefully curated list of wine and beer. 

Pin-Up Pizza

Pin-Up Pizza in Las Vegas

Location: 3667 Las Vegas Boulevard S, Las Vegas

Cuisine: Italian

Suppose you’re looking for a pizzeria that’s perfect for a group of people, head over to Pin-Up Pizza. Why? It’s only the home of the largest pizza that you can find on the Strip. It’s the perfect 15-inch by 6-inch pizza that you can share amongst your fellow pizza lovers. 

If that’s an overwhelming size for a pizza, you can ask the employees to cut it in half. The pizzeria does not have many seating accommodations, so it’s more convenient to take an order to go. As the name suggests, the servers are dressed in uniforms inspired by Bettie Page and other famous 1950’s pin-up ladies.  

Those Guys Pies

Those Guys Pies in Las Vegas

Location: 2916 Lake East Dr, Las Vegas

Cuisine: Italian

Those Guys Pies offers pizzas made with the East Coast’s hand-tossed tradition. From the menu selection, the most ordered pizza is Maui Wowie. It’s a pizza made with shredded pork, house-made bacon barbeque sauce, pickled jalapeño, and pineapple. 

But if you’re not a fan of eating pizzas topped with pineapple, you can try another specialty called Meat Pie. The pizza has meatballs, sausages, pepperoni, and bacon toppings. Not a meat lover? Another pizza worth your attention is White Pie. It’s topped with ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, and garlic. 

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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