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I every part of the world, there’s pizza. And when there’s pizza, you know it’ll be a good and fun day. The mix of crispy bread, delicious pizza sauce, your favorite cheese, and the different toppings makes pizza the perfect food for any situation. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to pizza and New Orleans might just be the place to find your perfect one. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get right into the pan of deliciousness and find out about the best pizzerias to go to when you’re in New Orleans. 

Oak Oven

Oak Oven in New Orleans

Address: 6625 Jefferson Hwy. Harahan

Contact No.: 504.305.4039


The first and foremost casual neighborhood-style restaurant to offer high-quality food that comes with a reasonable price. Oak Oven promises to provide healthy options for everyone and give a nice service that’ll keep you coming. The restaurant cooks their pizza on a  Mugnaini wood-burning pizza oven and is known for its famous Neapolitan-style pies that the crowd loves. 

Everything is made from scratch and fresh from the oven to give you a more crisp, nice, and warm pizza that you’ll fall in love with. The way of cooking the pizza in a wood-burning oven gives it a more smoky flavor which makes it taste even better. 

Ciro’s Côté Sud

Ciro’s Côté Sud in New Orleans

Address: 7918 Maple St. New Orleans

Contact No.: 504 866 9551


This french pizzeria makes everything taste as authentic as it can be. Aside from pizza, they also serve traditional French meals that will make the trip to Paris as affordable as it could. Ciro’s make a warm, elegant, and classic French cuisine that everyone likes. The restaurant has a mixture of traditional French cuisine, with an emphasis on unique and authentic flavors. They’re also known as a restaurant that has one of the best pizza in the city and, not to mention their delicious desserts which is just *chef’s kiss* perfect. 

Midway Pizza

Midway Pizza in New Orleans

Address: 4725 Freret St. New Orleans

Contact No.: (504) 322-2815


It’s a relaxed, buddy-friendly environment. Midway started their business last 2011 and as of 2017, they’ve delivered 50,000 pizzas to their loving customers! A rather traditional and fun menu features both traditional Italian toppings and undeniably American primal cravings like barbecue sauce, roasted chicken, and meatballs. The deep-dish hotspot is now available Monday through Sunday from 3 to 9 p.m. But if you live far from the restaurant, you can also order your faves for curbside pickup or delivery; also available on Uber Eats, Grubhub, and D’livery Nola.

Nola Pizza Co.

Nola Pizza Co. in New Orleans

Address: 3001 Tchoupitoulas St New Orleans

Contact No.: (504) 272-0618


The owner, Brandon Byrd was on a quest to bring New York pizza to New Orleans, and it turns out that a brewery is a fantastic spot to do so. NOLA Pizza Co. started last year, taking over for the legendary McClure’s Barbecue at NOLA Brewing Co. with red, white, and square pies starting at $18. According to Byrd, “through reverse osmosis,” he and his crew are able to duplicate the same mineral and pH composition of New York City water, which is essential for making NY-style dough.  Just like magic!  Regardless, the end product is delicious, with chewy square pies and crispy red and white pies all echoing traditional forms. You’ll love it as much as everyone else. 

Tavolino Pizza & Lounge

Tavolino Pizza & Lounge in New Orleans

Address: 141 Delaronde St New Orleans

Contact No.: (504) 605-3365

This family-friendly pizza joint and adults-only bar (divided by parlor doors) in Algiers Point serves pizzas with cracker crisp thin crust and toppings that go beyond the ordinary (white truffle oil and fontina sauce lace the mushroom pizza, for example). Check out the ping, which is a ground-meat-stuffed green olive that is fried till crisp. Tavolino also has a changing daiquiri menu, which the restaurant affectionately refers to as the “ferry buddy.” Enjoy your pizza as much as you want, and lounge however you like. 

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa in New Orleans

Address: 1212 Royal St New Orleans

Contact No.: (504) 522-6746


If you’re driving too fast, you’ll pass Mona Lisa’s unassuming shop, which has been around for decades. The pizzas, substantial Mediterranean-style salads, and plentiful pasta dishes draw a large crowd to the restaurant. The kitchen makes their very own pizza crusts and bread, which enhances the attractiveness of the pies and sandwiches significantly. The house Greek feta salad dressing is renowned, as is the Mardi Gras pasta; lasagna is also a standout among the pasta options. If you want to choose garlic bread, you’ll get the house specialty pizza, which is richly coated with mozzarella and olive oil and sprinkled with roasted garlic chunks. Their wine list is limited and fairly priced, with a concentration on reds from the United States to throughout the world. The glass has a nice number to give. But why is it known as the Mona Lisa? Because the walls are covered in hundreds upon dozens of Mona Lisa paintings. Delivery is only available in the French Quarter and the Faubourg Marigny.

R & O’s Restaurant 

R & O’s Restaurant in New Orleans

Address: 216 Metairie-Hammond Hwy, Metairie

Contact No.: 504-831-1248


The Creole-Italian menu at R & O is full of flavor, and the pricing is reasonable, while the restaurant’s noisy and chaotic atmosphere contributes to its allure. Super bright lighting and tables that are far too close together may appear unattractive, yet it all works just perfectly. (Be prepared to wait for a table; nonetheless, things move quickly.) They also offer catering services so you can enjoy their specials with your friends. The journey to Lake Pontchartrain is well worth it for the olive salads, thin-crust pizzas, and slabs of rich, velvety house-made cheesecake. Pour some of the beefy country gravy over anything from french fries to po’boys to french fry po’ boys. Oh, and for those po’boys, go for the fried shrimp or roast beef options. A local favorite is the roast beef po’boy.

Now that’s the best 7 pizzerias that you should visit when you are in New Orleans. And, if you’re just in luck, you might be able to try them all while you are in the town.  I hope you’ll have fun on your pizza trip! Don’t forget to take the chance of having the last slice, it’s the best of all slices. Trust me!

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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