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Philadelphia is known to have the best cheesesteaks and soft pretzels, so naturally, we would recommend that you try those when you visit the city. But the place has more to offer. You can visit arenas and adore several jaw-dropping architectures. It’s hard to do everything in one day and it could get pretty tiring. Thus, we also suggest that you reward yourself with the best slices of pizza! And that is why we have here a list of the best pizza in Philadelphia. These are perfect for a quick stop or if you want to stay a bit longer while sipping some cocktails on the side. 


This is also known as the Original Square Pizza in Philadelphia. But who cares about the size, right? We’re all about the taste and Santucci’s does not disappoint. They have a soft pizza that is overflowing with sauce. You better have your table napkins ready. 

Santucci’s also has great service and you will keep coming back for more. Try out their Barbeque Chicken Pizza too. What we like about this place is that you can make your own pizza and get crazy with the toppings! 

For those who are not up for a pizza, they still have a great menu selection. We recommend trying out their sandwiches, specifically the meatball sandwich. The chicken parmesan is to die for as well. Their pasta carbonara isn’t the best, but it should be around 6 or 7 out of 10. And if you are watching your diet, you can choose their salad. 

Santucci’s was established in 1959 as a family business by Joe and Phil Santucci. They wanted to leave a legacy and by the looks of it, their mission was a success. Santucci’s will continue to amaze people all over the globe with its mouth-watering pizza and other food selections.  

Location: 901 S 10th St, Philadelphia


If you are going to Angelo’s, you better order their Traditional Round Pizza, Grandma Pie, and Upside Down Jawn. You can request for additional toppings for $3. Their cheese layers are out of this world. They use multiple layers and they blend well together. 

Take note that our recommendation is based on our preference and it could be different from yours. You have to be prepared though as the lines can get pretty long in here. But that means one thing – their pizza is worth it. 

The crust is heavenly and this could be your next favorite pizza place in Philadelphia. Many people recommend their cheesesteak and we couldn’t agree more.  

They are on a cash basis only and you can order through phone. Just be prepared to wait for a long time because people are still crazy about Angelo’s. The hype is still on and you are lucky if your call gets answered after 10 tries.  

Location: 736 S 9th St, Philadelphia

Circles and Squares

Circles and Squares has Instagram-worthy pizzas. But their food offerings aren’t just good in the eyes, they taste awesome too. We tried the White Pizza and it is extremely delicious. We didn’t realize that we finished the entire thing. It’s perfect with an ice-cold soda while watching your favorite Netflix series. We know that health buffs would not recommend that. But hey, we all deserve to lounge and relax, right? 

Their dough is both chewy and crispy just the way most people like it. It’s safe to say, Circles and Squares pizzas are a work of art.  

The service is commendable as well. Their staff is friendly and in fact, will give you that family-like hospitality. So all things considered, Circles and Squares will always be one of the best Pizza places in Philadelphia. 

Just a friendly tip though, be there half an hour before the store opens. Otherwise, you might not get a slice of pizza. 

Location: 2513 Tulip St, Philadelphia

Pizzeria Beddia

It seems that our team can’t get enough of pizza. So our next stop was Pizzeria Beddia. Would we recommend it? A resounding yes, my friends. 

What we highly suggest is that you order the Tomato, Whole Milk Mozz, Royer Mountain and the Tomato, Anchovy, Garlic, Oregano, Royer Mountain. You can never go wrong with these two. You are probably going to wait for a bit. However, it’s all worth it. We will not be surprised if you will come back for more right after finishing the first box of pizza.  

They also offer Judion Beans, Tomato Pie, and Roasted Vegetables. As for the dessert, simple soft-serve ice cream should do it.

They also offer cocktails and other alcoholic drinks. It’s definitely the perfect beverage for your pizza. 

Location: 1313 N Lee St, Philadelphia 


Tacenellis offers limited yet outstanding pizzas. You can either get their classic Tomato Pie which has no cheese. Try their Regular Pie that has little amount of cheese plus tasty sauce. Or perhaps, get their White Pie that has cheese, plenty of garlic, black pepper, and salt. For those who fancy Margarita Pie, they also have it for you. Feel free to choose from their toppings including extra cheese, spinach, whole tomatoes, basic, anchovies, and sweet peppers, to name a few. 

If you are ordering one pizza for people with different tastes, Tacenellis has a solution for you because you can order half and half. Although, they do not recommend more than three toppings on one pizza. 

Remember that this is a one-man, one-oven operation. You might need to wait for several minutes but that means you can always expect fresh pizza every time. 

Location: 2604 E Somerset Street 

Blackbird Pizza

You have to try out their cheesesteaks and wings. And if you want something extremely hot, get the Habanero wings. We are not exaggerating when we say that it could last for days in your tongue. Order this at your own risk though. Their menu is also affordable. So if you want to treat your whole family, it’s not going to be hard on the budget. 

At Blackbird Pizza, you will surely feel satisfied with their food and services. Their pizza crust is light and crispy.  If you are a vegan, then you would enjoy going to Blackbird Pizza every now and then. In fact, even non-vegans will crave for more. It’s how delicious their food is. 

Location:  614 N 2nd St, Philadelphia

Square Pie

Square Pie is a pizza and pasta restaurant from Chef Gene Giuffi. He built this after missing the thick-crust pizza which he loved during his younger years. You will definitely enjoy the toppings such as house-cured sausages. 

If you want to have a solid appetizer, you can try their Arancini and Romaine Salad. But for the pizza, we highly recommend the Pancetta, Porchetta, and Soppresetta. The place is open seven times a week so you can always satisfy your cravings for good food. 

When you go to Square Pie, you will instantly smell the pizza and it can make you drool. The restaurant is cozy and ideal for small meetups. You can also have a sensible conversation here because the place isn’t loud. 

Location: 801 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia

Pizza Brain

We also consider Pizza Brain in our list of the Best Pizza in Philadelphia for a number of reasons. It is the world’s first-ever pizza museum and the home of the largest collection of pizza-related items. It’s ideal if you want to bring your kids as they can learn a lot. 

You will definitely enjoy their big pizza slices most especially if you have a huge appetite. We honestly recommend ordering the Tom Pie, Barbie Ernst Pie, or their Queenie Delouche Pie. These are their best-sellers and you’d find out why once you take that first bite. 

Location: 2313 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia


If Noah’s ark saved people from flood, Noah’s pizza can save us from extreme hunger! They are serving American food in West Philly and we absolutely find no reason why you shouldn’t come here and try it out for yourself. 

They have amazing and affordable meals too. For only $23.95 you get to have 2 large cheese pizzas, 10 buffalo wings, and 2-liter soda. And if you want something more affordable, you can have 2 cheesesteaks and 2 french fries for only $19.95. 

We’ve tried it a lot of times and we can say that their quality is consistent. You can expect the same mouth-watering pizza and other food items every time you order. 

Location: 4602 Woodland Ave, Philadelphia

Lorenzo and Sons Pizza 

The last one on our list of the Best Pizza in Philadelphia is Lorenzo and Sons Pizza. For starters, you can have their famous Chicken Finger/Fries Combo. Don’t forget to add the Mushroom Cheesesteak. Some of their best-selling pizzas are Nonna’s, Ram Runner, and Lolo. But if you want to build your own, that’s possible too. 

You don’t like pizza? That’s not a problem. You can always have fresh sandwiches like the Laura, and Siciliano. Veggie Delight is available too. It’s a pizza place that has so much to offer and is perfect for everyone. 

Location: 27 N High St, West Chester 

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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