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Everyone likes pizza. I mean literally all when I say “everyone.” Pizza may be eaten hot or cold, spicy or not, at any time of day or in any setting. San Antonio is mostly known for its pizza. They don’t provide the same type of pizza every time.

Perhaps, they introduce unique and subtle twists that the audience appreciates. Learn about the pizzerias and their distinct style combinations that contribute to the exceptional San Antonio pizza scene that offers our favorites like no other.

With no further, let’s now get right into our pan of deliciousness.

Miss Ellie’s Pizza

Address: 903 E Bitters Rd. San Antonio, Texas, TX 78216

Contact No. : (210) 499-1258


Miss Ellie’s Pizza of New York, a classical pizza business located in a little shopping center at Bitters and 281 in north San Antonio, is just what you’d imagine. Also, with the enormous pizza ovens and the pies prepared by hand and offered for your selection, you’d believe you were back in Queens as you stepped inside.

Above all, these pizzas are wonderful and expertly made – just the right amount of crunch and chew, with a wealth of options beckoning you from behind the glass. The calzones and pizza rolls are both deliciously cheesy. The heroes, hot or cold, are unrivaled. Lastly, it’s the garlic knots that keep people coming back.

Dough Pizzeria Napoletana

Address: 6989 Blanco Road,518 S. Alamo St., 

Contact No. :210-227-2900,  210-979-6565


Dough Pizzeria Napoletana is a popular pizza restaurant in San Antonio. Fresh, local ingredients are used to top their Neapolitan pizzas. Also, what genuinely defines this restaurant is its combination of simplicity and delectability. The pizza and the all-Italian wine list set the standard for any San Antonio pizza experience.


Address: 7701 Broadway, 11851 Bandera Road

Contact No.: 210-805-8646, 210-362-1965 


Stopping by at a neighborhood pizza restaurant for a slice is a typical New York experience that may be enjoyed in San Antonio when getting an entire pie or a slice from the Florio family, who are from New Jersey.

Last 2011, the couple, known as “pizza pop” and “mama Florio” passed away, but their children have continued the family tradition of subs and New York-style pizzas, starting from the white pizza with mozzarella and ricotta to the spectacular, which is stacked high with pepperoni, sausage, and veggies. Steve Florio manages the original Alamo Heights site, while Jeff Florio manages the new Bandera Road facility. Their specialties’ tastes are usually spot on.

Il Forno

Address: 122 Nogalitos, San Antonio Tx. 78204

Contact No.: 210-616-2198


If you’ve never passed through the modest sage green doors of San Antonio’s Il Forno, this story may put the pizza joint on your culinary bucket list. When Michael Sohocki, chef/owner of Restaurant Gwendolyn, planned to start a pizza restaurant. Most importantly, he determined that he wouldn’t settle for just any pizza oven.

He built his own brick oven to produce crispy crusts on the Naples-style pizza. The menu is updated once in a while and there are also new things. Also, the house-cured meats, fresh mozzarella, and vegetables are harvested from a garden outside.

Playland Pizza

Address: 400 E Houston St, San Antonio

Contact No.: 210.994.0015


This isn’t your ordinary pizza place. Playland offers a fresh take on a classic traditional meal. At Playland, you can eat, drink, and of course, don’t forget to play.

Also, Playland has a lot to offer in terms of drinks and pizzas. They even hold an all-you-can-eat pizza party every Wednesday. And, while you’re in town, don’t forget to stop by and eat limitless pizzas!

Trilogy Pizza

Address: 9141 Stone Oak Pkwy., Ste. 113

Contact No.: 210-404-1818 


Trilogy Pizza derives its name from the three pizza kinds provided to customers: thin New York–style, deep dish Chicago–style, and thin, wheat California crust.

The New York-style pizza is outstanding. Also, the deep dish is a fantastic alternative if you desire Chicago pizza but don’t have time to get there. The whole wheat crust pizzas outperform the national chain with the California name, and the toppings for any crust are plenty. You’ll savor every morsel.


Address: 23651 W. Interstate 10 San Antonio, Texas 78257

Contact No.: [210] 698 6616


The scenic location of Fralo’s Art of Pizza could be your first sign that you’re in for an out-of-the-ordinary eating experience from the hidden treasure reminiscent of a mythical Italian town amid the woods. Also, Frank and Lori Hakspiel, the independent proprietors, have established a location to see and be seen; you could even spy a renowned face.

Adopted into their community’s hearts for family gatherings, business discussions, and peaceful romance. Bring your favorite bottle of wine to mix with a plethora of eye-opening, taste-bud-stirring toppings that put the Art in Pizza.

Big Lou’s Pizza

Address: 2048 S. W.W. White Road

Contact No.: 210-337-0707 


The buzz around this restaurant stems from their massive 42-inch pizza, which can serve a crowd on its own. And, what makes these pizzas stand out is that they’re also delicious and unique in size. Arrive early to avoid huge lines, and get a smaller pizza or two to sample the flavors—from traditional pepperoni and veggie pizzas to loaded super topping pizzas—they’re well worth the wait.

All of these pizzerias have distinct flavors that you will absolutely like. And, don’t forget to go to each of these establishments to try fresh cuisines. Pizza is practically everyone’s comfort and go-to cuisine, and San Antonio does an excellent job of offering it just the way we want it.

I really hope you appreciate this pizza-mazing list and that you’ll be able to visit these establishments. In short, don’t miss out on the delicious stuff! Enjoy your meal!

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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