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When we speak about Seattle, you probably think about the most famous coffee chains, Starbucks and Seattle’s Best. But this city offers more than that. If you must know, Seattle houses the best pizza places and you must try at least three if you are visiting the place. We are confident to say that because we tried most of them. And boy, we gained a lot of pounds over time, but it was worth it. To help you decide where to eat next, we rounded 13 of the Best Pizza in Seattle

Italian Family Pizza 

There’s no better place for those who are craving for an authentic Italian pizza than Italian Family Pizza . You will never get disappointed with their menu. Plus, their staff is terrific as well. They are very courteous, and it’s not surprising that you would want to come back for more. 

If you want to try out their pizza with veggie toppings, expect it to be fresh and crunchy. We bet that even non-veggie lovers would still appreciate this too. We recommended going here when you are hungry because their pizza slices are enormous. Don’t forget to order their Homemade Cannoli. 

Location: 1028 Madison St, Seattle, WA 98104 

Rocco’s Veraci Pizza 

To make it in our Best Pizza in Seattle list is Rocco’s Veraci Pizza . We love this pizza place because it offers gluten-free dough and has a dairy-free cheese substitution. So if you have friends with special diet requirements, this could be your best option in Seattle. 

As for our team, we tried out the Sicilian and their Lombardy. The grilled chicken was nothing short of perfection. We had to order another one just to satisfy our cravings. We also tried their Mama Mia with basil, tomatoes, parmesan, and ricotta. If you have friends who don’t like meat on their pizza, this is the ultimate choice. 

Location: 500 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107 

Serious Pie 

If you need big servings for your family gatherings or office parties, then try out Serious Pie. Without a doubt, they are serious when it comes to delivering quality food. According to them, their crust undergoes a multiple-day process, which makes it special. As they always say, you can’t rush good food. We love their pizza selection, and our favorite is the roasted seasonal mushrooms, and truffle cheese. We also tried one of their sandwiches, and it was heaven in every bite. 

Get their slow-roasted pork shoulder, broccoli rabe, fennel pollen aioli, provolone . Finish it with their old-fashioned cherry pie slice. 

Location: 5118 14th Ave NW, Seattle WA 98107 

Zeek’s Pizza 

If you plan to order from Zeek’s Pizza, you should try their Yeti, Dragon, Wood Butcher, and Kitchen Sink. They have amazing salads as well. Pair it with their Buffalo or Garlic Parmesan wings. For salad-lovers, you will not be disappointed with Zeek the Greek. And to cap your dining experience, their Chocolate Cookie Sundae is available too. But this is only available for dine-in customers. 

You can also make your own pizza and go loco with your toppings. All their pizza have an olive oil base, mozzarella, and oregano. Make it gluten-free for an extra charge. 

Location: You can find all Zeek’s Pizza locations here . 


Many people consider Delancy the best pizza in Seattle, and we absolutely understand why. When we ordered our White Pie and Crimini, the team ate it in just a few minutes. It was so delicious we ordered the next day again. 

One of our members wanted to try the Jersey Salad, so we gave it a shot. It looked simple, and we didn’t expect too much. But boy, the flavors blended well. 

We recommend this place if you want to have a romantic date and good food to go with it. Their service is fast, so you don’t have to wait for too long. 

Location: 1415 NW 70th Steet, Seattle, Washington 

The Independent Pizzeria 

The best pizzas we’ve tasted in The Independent Pizzeria is their New Haven, European Style, and Roman. You can also try their Ceasar Salad if you are watching your weight. Their menu is also affordable, and it’s ideal if you want to treat your friends or families. If you fancy an eclectic interior, then you will enjoy staying in this place. 

But you have to be prepared to wait as there are a lot of daily customers. Plus, they only offer limited seating. That’s good news because you know that people wait just to taste their tasty food. 

Location: 4235 E Madison St. Seattle 

Hot Mama’s Pizza 

If you want quality yet affordable comfort food, we highly recommend Hot Mama’s Pizza . You will never go wrong with the Chef’s Choice with fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, basil, and lots of garlic. For those who want their pizza with a bit of spice, Mamacita is what you need. Canadian Bacon and Pineapple is a good choice too. 

When you try Hot Mama’s Pizza, we guarantee that you would want another slice. There’s nothing fancy about this place, so if you just want to relax and have good food, you’ve found the right spot. 

Location: 700 E Pine St., Seattle, WA 98122 

Pizzeria Pulcinella 

Get authentic Neapolitan pizza from Pizzeria Pulcinella. At first glance, you would think that their pizza is ordinary. But don’t be fooled because every bite will take you to another level. You might think we are exaggerating, but that’s an understatement. 

For appetizers, we recommend having their Eggplant Parmigiana. The Italian Sausage & Oven Roasted Bell Peppers are to die for as well. As for their pizza, you can never go wrong with anything. But personally, we love their Margherita, Mario, and Bianca. This place is also vegetarian-friendly, and everyone could enjoy it. 

Location: 10003 Rainier Ave S., Seattle, WA 98178 

Windy City Pie 

Imagine yourself on a Friday night, watching your favorite TV series but without some good food to enjoy. The experience wouldn’t be complete, right? In that case, call up Windy City Pie and get some of their best pizza in Seattle. 

You will always remember their specialty pizzas because of their outstanding taste. We suggest that you get the Sweet Pete, Meatza, Mama Mia, and Popeye. You can also build your own and use five toppings, max. Lastly, they have a wide selection of drinks, including wines and non-alcoholic beverages.

Location: 5918 Phinney Ave N. Seattle, WA 98103 

Big Mario’s Pizza 

If you have a big appetite or have big expectations for food, visit Big Mario’s Pizza . We discovered this through one of our client meetings. We couldn’t take it any longer and asked where they got the mouth-watering food. Since then, we always order from this pizza place. 

Of course, you will never go wrong with their classics, cheese, and pepperoni. We also enjoy The Macho Man, Midnight Rambler, and the Queens Special. Vegetarian options are available too. The Dude is what most people rave about because of its distinct taste. Perhaps you can try that as well. 

Location: The Big Mario’s Pizza has different locations in Seattle, which you can find here . 1

Dino’s Tomato Pie 

This is a highly recommended place if you want to have a nice slice of pizza paired with cocktails. Their Sicilian pizza is on point; you can never have too much. If you want a crunchy pizza on the outside, soft on the inside, Dino’s Tomato Pie is here to deliver. 

According to sources, the pizza place is run by the same team behind Delancey. Having said that, you know they put a premium on quality and nothing else. 

Why don’t you try their Bacon & Onion, Cheese, Pesto Pizza, and White Pie? And to end your food journey, order a nice bowl of Valrhona Dark Chocolate. 

Location: 1524 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98122 1


Supreme is always using the finest ingredients. And that’s why every food from their menu is commendable. But as always, we have our personal picks. It was hard, but we needed to choose. 

Get The Reaper if you want something extremely hot. Their Chicken Bacon Ranch Club is fantastic too. Let’s not forget their Smokehouse Salami with green olives, pepperoncini, and provolone. These are just too dreamy! 

If you want a dessert, their affordable ice cream sandwich is the perfect way to conclude the meal. Their name suits the quality of the food and their service. We could never ask for more. 

Location: You can find Supreme locations from here . 

Bar Cotto 

Finally, we reached the end of our Best Pizza in Seattle list. It would be a sin not to include Bar Cotto here. We tried some of their best-sellers, and we couldn’t resist another bite of Funghi 18, Salsiccia 18, Parma 19, and Campagna 18. 

If you are not in the mood for pizza, then pasta should do you good. You can choose either Ricotta Gnocchi 13 or Peperonata 17. Both are satisfying, and we couldn’t judge which one is better. 

Location: 1546 15th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122 

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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