10 Best Sparkling Water Brands


Water is an essential and everyday need in order for us to live, but people have added their own twists to drinking their water. Some people add lemons, cucumbers, and many more. But, did you know that when you add carbon dioxide, artificially or naturally, your water can become “sparkling water”? It can be a great soda alternative not only because it has a lot of flavors, but also because it has low sugar and you can get actual benefits from it, unlike soda. It is also safer and better to drink than regular tap water. There are many brands of sparkling water that are available almost everywhere, but we pick out the best sparkling water brands that you can choose from. 

In most cases, companies infuse artificial carbon dioxide and add artificial or natural flavoring to make it taste better, which, evidently, everyone loves. The admiration of people for sparkling water has been going at a really high rate these past few years. Here are the Best Sparkling Water Brands.

San Pellegrino

One of the most famous sparkling water brands is San Pellegrino. But I’ll tell you two interesting facts about the brand: First, is that the water that they use comes from the same natural spring for almost 600 years. The brand has been serious about using its natural resources for many years, they even hired professionals to monitor and maintain their resources clean and high-quality. Second, by using natural spring water, there are many vitamins and minerals that are found in San Pellegrino’s sparkling water. 

San Pellegrino’s sparkling water is healthy and you can drink it more than other sparkling water. Many people even claim that it’s the best-tasting sparkling water. If you still have doubts and don’t believe it, I highly recommend you try the Blood Orange flavor, it is the perfect way to try it first-time. And, it will definitely make you switch from sodas to sparkling water.


Teardrop-shaped dark mosque green glass bottle, is probably the easiest way you can recognize Perrier. Best known for its naturally occurring carbonation, Perrier Sparkling water has been in the business for years now. And up until today, the crowd still loves their drinks. Their sparkling waters are sugar-free, caffeine-free, and easy to access as you can buy it at every restaurant all over the world. 

Their lemon flavor is really refreshing and leaves a fresh and subtle flavor that’ll make you drink it again and again and again. And, an interesting fact: Perrier sparkling water contains 50 million bubbles! Now that is a lot of bubbles.

La Croix Sparkling Water

LA Croix Sparkling Water can keep you company almost every day with its wide selection of flavors. They have a really cute packaging that everyone loves. La Croix makes their sparkling water calorie-free or lows on calories when flavors are added, and they are very hydrating. I personally recommend you try Cerise Lemon and Passionfruit flavors. Enjoy this sparkling water anytime, anywhere. 

 Voss Sparkling

Classy and elegant. Their water bottle is a total win for the style. It’s simple but really outgoing. Unlike other brands, Voss uses clear glass bottles that make it look really classy and sophisticated. Their sparkling water is as perfect as their packaging. When you first take a sip of it, at first, it might seem like just a simple and ordinary water, but when it hits your tongue, it will start to fizz. 

Their sparkling water doesn’t contain calories, sugar, and any artificial flavors or sweeteners. It tastes really clean and refreshing. 

They offer a lot of flavors, but I personally love the Tangerine Lemongrass and Lime Mint Flavored ones. You should try it too!

Sparkling Ice

Thanks to the natural fruit and green tea extracts, their sparkling water is really healthy. Sparkling Ice infuses green tea into their sparkling water to add a little bit of caffeine boost that can help you keep energized for the rest of the day. The vitamins and minerals that the fruit gives the sparkling water give it the natural flavors that will make you feel hydrated and refreshed all day. 

Sparkling Ice also offers a lot of flavors that are all “must-try”. If you haven’t tried their sparkling waters yet, then you’re missing out, big time. If you’re gonna try them for the first time, I recommend the Peach Nectarine, Ginger Lime, and Grape Raspberry sparkling water. They might become your go-to drinks.  


This brand showcases its naturally flavored sparkling water that brought them to the top. Spindrift is made of fruit, literally, not only you can taste it, you could also see it. The fruit extracts, give the vitamins and nutrients that our body needs. Basically, it’s a win-win situation, because you like eating fruit, but the only difference is it’s mixed with a drink. That’s why Spindrift is gluten-free and sugar-free. 

They claim to use high-quality fruits that’s why the flavors are better. Well, I gotta tell you, it really is better. Bright, refreshing, just the right sweetness, and of course, pulpy. That’s how Spindrift describes their beverage, which I can say, it’s not a lie. My personal favorites from this brand are Raspberry and Cucumber. It’s just perfect. *chef’s kiss*


Waterloo is a direct competitor of LA Croix and is known for its colorful cans that make its drink look fun and bright. It leaves a clean and smooth taste on your mouth unlike other drinks in that the fizziness makes it feel like you’re burning your throat, they’re different. Good kind of difference. Their company shows off their true-to-fruit sparkling water flavors that only contain carbonated water and natural flavors. 

If you haven’t tried their beverages yet, then I highly recommend you try the Black Cherry and Watermelon flavored ones. 


Their tagline “No calories. No sweeteners. Just smiles” is quite true. Bubly is owned by Pepsi Co. and if you don’t know yet, Pepsi makes the greatest drinks that you’ve ever known, so there is no doubt that Bubly also makes great sparkling water. And if you haven’t noticed in their cans, it has its own greeting and the signature smile that’ll make your day. Their unsweetened sparkling water pairs the crisp factor with the natural flavors that’ll make you love it. 

And, I really love their colorful and trendy packaging. What I love the most is their Cherry, Strawberry, and Grapefruit flavors, you must try them too, they might become one of your favorites. 


Founded in 1882, Polar is based in Massachusetts and is still owned and run by the Crowley family. Their sparkling water contains three main ingredients; water, zillions of bubbles, and their natural fruit flavorings. The brand claims that nothing has changed in their sparkling waters except for the additional flavors in the selection and their high-tech machinery. 

Polar seltzer is vegan, gluten-free, no added preservatives, and other artificial flavors. You can really enjoy it to the fullest. It tastes fantastic, clean, and refreshing. I personally love their Vanilla, Orange Vanilla, and Triple Berry flavored seltzers. I’d never miss this on my grocery shopping. You must really try those flavors, worth every penny. 

Topo Chico

To complete our list, Topo Chico is a Mexican sparkling water company based in Monterrey, Mexico. They also use natural spring waters that are highly maintained and restricted to public use. Topo Chico contains a lot of minerals and electrolytes that could help you accomplish any task for the rest of the day. Their drinks almost function like energy drinks but don’t come off strong, it can make you refreshed and energized for the rest of the day.

I haven’t tried this brand yet, but I’ve been reading all the good reviews about the brand’s loyal fans. Unfortunately, they’re only available in Mexico and the United States. So, if you ever come visit, this is a definite must-try. 

There are tons of other sparkling brands that you can find, but this list compiled the best ones that you should definitely try sometime. You must always be mindful of what you drink because, at the end of the day, water still remains the healthiest drink that exists. It might be bland and boring for other people, but it’s where we can get all the minerals and vitamins we ever need. 

To Sum it Up

Soda might seem to be inviting you and tastes better than sparkling water, it’s always easy to take a sip but always keep in mind that drinking too much of it might bring you a big hospital bill someday in the future. That’s why, if you still wanna get that fizz and crisp that you can get in a soda as well as you want in your drink, you should try sparkling water instead. It is safer, healthier, and tastes much better. 

I hope this list helps you find the best sparkling water that there is, and if you liked this list, don’t forget to share it with your friends. You might be able to change their perceptions about sparkling water. You never know until you try. 

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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