Best Wine Bars in Baltimore 2020


Are you planning to visit Baltimore soon? If yes, you might want to include wine bar visits in your itinerary. Fortunately, we already have a list for you. Just imagine, wouldn’t it be nice to cap off your day with an amazing wine or cocktail? Remember, Baltimore has a lot of tourist spots and you might have a tiring day after going around. 

Baltimore is known for its diverse culture and for its beautiful harbor. To date, it is the largest city and economic hub of Maryland where you can find amazing establishments including restaurants and wine bars.

The next time you visit the city, make sure you squeeze some time for relaxing wines and local spirits.  

While Baltimore has a lot of wine bars, these are not created equal. If you don’t make the right choice, you might end up walking in a lousy spot with mediocre service. And of course, we wouldn’t want that to happen to you. 

And so, we have eight of the most famous wine bars in Baltimore, and we want you to visit at least one from the list. This will make your vacation even more worthwhile. Or for those who live in Baltimore, these are the spots where you can take your guests. Treat them for a nice dinner and show them how hospitable Baltimore locals are.  

13.5% Wine Bar

Let’s begin with 13.5% Wine Bar. If you want to have a global culinary experience, this is the best spot to visit. They have an extremely wide wine collection and their food is just fantastic. You might want to try their marinated olives or goat cheese dumplings. These are the best and a lot of customers can attest to this. And on top of that, the hospitality is always above satisfaction. 

This is the ideal place if you want to listen to beautiful music while you sip the wine of your choice. And don’t forget to try out their desserts as these are to-die-for. Our personal favorites are their Brownies and Sugar Cookie Tart. 

13.5% Wine Bar has already its own loyal customers and we can totally understand why. If you try it the first time, you would want to come back for more.   

Location: 1117 West 36th Street, Baltimore 

V-No Wine Bar

When you visit V-No Wine Bar, their bartenders can certainly match the perfect drinks for you. And because of that, you can fully enjoy the experience. 

People are also raving about this place not just because of the wine selection and food, but because of the impeccable view. So if you want to have a romantic date, or celebrate a special occasion, this wine bar should be on top of your list. It’s as if you are in the movies! Don’t forget to take photos and immortalize the night.  

We recommend that you order their cheese and cured meat platter. Recently, they have improved and added more to their menu – thanks to the new management. This is something to look forward to when you visit Baltimore.  

Do you want to bring a bottle of wine with you? If yes, go straight to their shop and get to choose from their unique and fine wines from different parts of the world. If you don’t have an idea what to buy, they have experts that will happily assist you. 

Location: 905 S Ann Street, Baltimore

The Corner Bistro

This is one of the best places if you are searching for a cozy and intimate place where you can enjoy fantastic wines and a good menu. The Corner Bistro is outstanding at all levels. Get their Crab Cake Sliders or Blue Cheese Burger. You won’t regret these and you might probably order for more!  

Since it is lowkey, most people do not expect anything much from it. It gives the impression that it’s just your regular wine bar or restaurant. However, it proves to be such an amazing place to have a casual dinner or to celebrate momentous occasions. In fact, it’s perfect if you want to eat alone. We’re 100% sure that it will surprise you, the same way it did to all its previous customers. 

The staff is also one of the best in the area. The owner is approachable and the service is highly recommended. You will never go wrong with this place.

Location: The Charm’tastic Mile, 213 Penn Street, Baltimore


For those who are looking for a Modern Italian-inspired wine bar, consider visiting Forno! You can enjoy artisanal wines, small-batch cocktails, and craft beer from here. Expect superb quality and nothing less. They offer brunch, lunch, and dinner too so you can take a bite most times of the day. 

Their menu includes a lot of choices and is perfect for the entire family. They also have a great selection for vegetarians. Taste their world-class brick oven pizza and freshly baked bread. 

What we love about Forno is that they mainly use local ingredients. This means they are supporting the local community, and you are too if you wine and dine here. 

Please note that their menu changes every so often so prepare to be surprised. The price is also competitive. Thus, if you don’t want to splurge too much, this is a good choice. 

Some people call it the little gem and indeed, it is. 

Location: 17 N Eutaw Street, Baltimore

Old Line Cocktail and Wine Bar

Old Line Cocktail and Wine Bar offers both local and regional spirits. This is their way of supporting the community, similar to what Forno is doing. 

You must try their award-winning cocktail too. And if you wish to taste some of their local spirits for free, just check out their calendar. Usually, they schedule it on weekends. 

Those who already visited Old Line Cocktail and Wine Bar instantly fell in love with it. Whenever they are in the area, they always make sure to drop by. That’s how much of an impact this wine bar has to its customers. And if you are lucky, one of their owners might give you an amazing and fun tour.   

Location: 1065 S Charles Street Stall 131, Baltimore

Vino Volo

Vino Volo is a wine bar located in an airport. They have a small menu but it’s good enough to satisfy your cravings. You can have sandwiches, braised pork tacos, and smoked salmon rolls. 

Vino Volo has a commendable service too – not the usual thing you can experience in an airport. The wine selection is great as well. And the best part is that the prices are easy on the budget. 

If you wish to relax a bit before your flight, then this is the place you need to check in first.. 

Location: 7062 Elm Rd, Baltimore


This is known as the best Italian restaurant and bar in the Inner Harbor where you can taste award-winning wines. And we recommend that you order their seafood and handmade pasta. It’s like heaven in your mouth. 

Even as you enter the wine bar, you will feel the genuine hospitality of the staff. You will be warmly greeted and you will be accompanied to your seats like a VIP. They are also extremely knowledgeable about the menu and wine list. So if you need help, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. 

Cinghiale also offers vegetarian options. Simply put, it’s ideal for everyone regardless of your food preference. 

Location: 822 Lancaster Street, Baltimore

Serenity Wine Cafe

The wine cafe is located near the Under Armour headquarters so it’s almost impossible to miss. The owner of Serenity Wine Cafe used to work for Pizza Hut for 23 years! It was definitely a leap of faith when she decided to open up her own. And by the looks of it, she made the right decision. 

In this unique wine cafe, you can be your own bartender with their self-service system. It’s an experience on its own. You might want to pair it with Buffalo Wings and Mini Crab Balls. End it up with Gluten-Free Chocolate Lava Cake!

Their happy hour is from 4 pm – 7 pm every weekday where you can get specials and homemade Sangria. 

Location: 1121 Hull St, Baltimore


Again, we recommend that you include wine bar tours in your plans when you visit Baltimore. These bars aren’t just about the wine itself and the food. It’s more of cultural learning and making new friends.

We based our list on different factors. Bear in mind that we are not after the quantity, but rather the quality. The same goes for judging the menu. We want the food to be nothing short of delicious. The ambiance plays a part too. Is it cozy? Is it too crowded? Or is it just perfect to end the day? And most importantly, we were very particular with the service. Are the staff helpful? Are they hospitable? Do they make you feel warm? Are they confident in answering your questions? 

Hopefully, the list above can help you in finding the right wine bars in Baltimore. These can definitely complete your city adventure. 

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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