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There is always a wine for someone and I agree that we all have our personal picks. But, when you travel, it’s quite a challenge to bring your favorite bottle with you anywhere and everywhere you go. And that’s why, in order to make sure you get a sip of your favorites even when you’re somewhere, specifically in Boston, we gathered the Top 10 wine bars that you’ll be very happy to visit when you’re in the area. And, without any further, let’s get right into the juicy part!

Barcelona Wine Bar

Barcelona Wine Bar in Boston

You’d never assume Barcelona‘s corporate brand from its wine selection. Gretchen Thomas, Barcelona’s intelligent wine and spirits director, is responsible for this. Including a focus on the classics, she creates approachable-yet-interesting tours of predominantly Spanish classics, with dozens of wines by the glass and a large sherry selection. Settle up a seat on the wide terrace and brush up on your Spanish with a glass of wine. Three-wine flights are also available for side-by-side comparison tasting.

Bin 26 Enoteca

Bin 26 Enoteca in Boston

This chic Italian wine bar has wine-themed décor and a wine list that runs over 25 pages. However, the selection is not overwhelming, and the staff will happily assist you in selecting a wine to suit your mood. Stick to sample pours to experience a variety of choices, or get a carafe to combine with simple, wonderful small appetizers, cheeses, and charcuterie. Bin 26‘s menu includes starters such as marinated olives as well as non-traditional dishes like zucchini carpaccio and saffron risotto balls, as well as an international wine selection with more than 70 by the glass and 200 by the bottle.

The Butcher Shop

The Butcher Shop in Boston

Barbara Lynch’s version on a European butcher shop is worth a taste for those who can get beyond the extreme hipness of an upscale South End restaurant imitating an old-timey meat market. The small restaurant provides house-made charcuterie and a variety of wines from Italy, France, Spain, and Australia, including numerous unique blends, plus small, chic snacks better paid for by someone else. 

While the bottle selection is extensive, there isn’t much in the way of guidance for the inexperienced, so wine newcomers should choose for one of the four daily house picks (one of white, red, rosé, and Madeira). Seats are limited at Butcher Shop due to its popularity. You could find yourself enjoying that summer rosé while leaning on the storage room. So if you want an incredible experience at this wine bar, you better get up early and wait in the long lines. Trust me, it’ll be worth it!


Haley.henry in Boston

At this Downtown Crossing wine bar, tinned fish, charcuterie, and other sumptuous small dishes set the backdrop for one-of-a-kind wines. Haley.henry is a much-needed addition to Downtown Crossing is warmly lighted and wood-paneled, and it provides a limited but well-curated by-the-glass selection featuring local manufacturers. With a two-glass commitment, Sportello vet Haley Fortier will break open anything on the bottle list, including the barnyard-y 2015 Olivier Cousin Pur Breton cab franc. 

The stars of the list of primarily natural wines are small producers, particularly female winemakers. If you’re unfamiliar with natural wines, the welcoming staff is happy to assist you.  There’s also a good craft beer list for those non-wine-drinking guests.

Frenchie Wine Bistro

Frenchie is a slick South End company of rustic French cuisine that offers a wine list that complements the dish wonderfully. The range of more than 30 wines by the glass spans Europe, not just France, so pair a couple of glasses with some cheese or charcuterie. In the summer, you’ll feel as though you’re enjoying your wine on a magnificent patio in Paris.

Sip Wine Bar and Kitchen

Sip Wine Bar and Kitchen in Boston

While the restaurant seems to be a spruced-up version of a corporate cafeteria the cuisine is far from institutional; the cooks dish everything from fresh sushi to Kobe sliders to bronzed swordfish belly. Wines are available in 2, 6, and 10oz servings, and because Sip is so close to the Theater District, it’s a great spot to get a glass or two before seeing a play or a movie.

No. 9 Park

No. 9 Park in Boston

Visit No. 9 Park’s stylish bar and sample wines from Cat Silirie’s award-winning wine list. The list, which includes both old-world varietals and lesser-known wines, not only compliments Barbara Lynch’s cooking brilliantly but also stands on its own for those who wish to focus just on the wine. Silirie personally mentors the team, so take advantage of their expertise as you drink your way through the gorgeous options.

Rebel Rebel

Rebel Rebel in Boston

When it comes to wine, you’ve probably been taught to avoid anything natural—that such bottles come with a variety of additives, from fewer bubbles to earthy flavors. However, there are exceptions to every rule. In fact, one of my favorite features about visiting Rebel Rebel is that they have a portfolio full of wines that suit that description: natural wines that taste good and don’t come with so many extra flavorings. In Somerville’s Bow Market, Rebel Rebel is a no-rules natural wine bar. This wine bar provides a gathering space for the community to connect, grow, and interact.

Spoke Wine Bar

Spoke Wine Bar in Boston

The wine selection at this cherished, cozy Davis Square establishment is tiny but well-curated. Owners team up with winemakers to produce a wide and thoughtful wine list, similar to how they approach the culinary menu. The seasonal cuisine complements the options perfectly. Wine evenings provide visitors with the opportunity to learn more about certain wine areas while also enjoying wonderful regional cuisine.

Spoke is just far enough off the main road that the whiskey-swilling Saloon crowd hasn’t discovered it yet, thus it’s Davis’ least packed bar. Don’t let that trick you; the service is great, and the cuisine, particularly the desserts, is out of this world, making it the best date venue in the neighborhood. Also, even those who aren’t interested in opening a bottle will be pleased by the particularly well-crafted seasonal drinks.

Fromage Wine Bar & Restaurant

Fromage Wine Bar & Restaurant in Boston

Forage, a renowned pub in Cambridge, is a must-visit. The bottles are arranged behind a long wooden bar, and you order by number. If you’re not familiar with natural wines, Forage contains a lot of information on what they are as well as how to select them.

Simply choose what might seem intriguing and go from there! It’s enjoyable to browse their well-picked assortment of bottles; each one contains tasting notes and food combination suggestions, making it simple to plan out your evening or afternoon.

Voila! This list is perfect for wine enthusiasts out there and I’m sure you’ll have a blast in these wine bars. You’ll enjoy these places where you can just sip your glass and unwind or have a fun night and hang out with your friends! Either way, it’ll be fun. Don’t forget to share this list with your friends and go visit these spots with them. 

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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