Best Wine Bars In Charlotte


Charlotte’s best wine bars are treasure troves that have been waiting to be discovered. This article is perfect for you if you want to explore the finest selection and mouth-watering meals around Charlotte. Here are ten wine bars you should visit: 

The Bohemian: A Wine Bar

The Bohemian: A Wine Bar in Charlotte

Location: 1319 Pecan Avenue, Charlotte

The Bohemian is a laid-back wine bar with an interior design that brings out the bohemian vibe. It features a custom-built 12-tap Cruvinet wine bar dispensing system. Also, it offers a wide variety of wine glasses available by the glass that costs up to $6-$15. 

The Bohemian has about 120 different types of wine bottles available on-site with no corkage fee for its wine selection. As for the food, the wine bar offers cheese, flatbread, salads, dessert, and a variety of charcuterie boards.

Foxcroft Wine Co. Dilworth

Foxcroft Wine Co. Dilworth in Charlotte

Location: 1235 East Boulevard Suite I, Charlotte

Foxcroft Wine offers over 1000 wine selections and at least 200 draft beer choices. Beer costs $8 per pint, meanwhile wine by 6 oz glass costs around $10 to $30. As Foxcroft offers low retail prices, they charge a corkage fee worth $10 for all wines that cost below $30. 

It’s the perfect wine bar to visit if your group has different drinking preferences. Foxcroft’s customers highly recommended ordering the Truffle Fries, describing it as the “best” they ever had. Other than, other must-order dishes include ground hanger steak, truffle aioli, and the signature Foxcroft burger. 

Vin Master

Vin Master in Charlotte

Location: 2000 South Boulevard Suite 610, Charlotte

Vin Master is a wine bar that emits a casual vibe. The menu selection features a daily special every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. During Tuesdays, customers can order a $12 Wine Flight to choose at least three wines. 

Every Wednesday, Vin Master offers half the price for their wine by the glass. And if you’re a fan of Mimosas or Seasonal Sangrias, you must visit the wine bar on Saturdays. This wine bar also offers craft beer selections, cheese, soft pretzels, and charcuterie. 

Mere’s Cheese and Wine

Mere’s Cheese and Wine in Charlotte

Location: 2400 Park Road Suite H, Charlotte

Mere’s offers a delightful selection of cheese, meat, and wine. Customers loved that Mere’s has a more personal approach compared to other wine bars. The aesthetic charcuterie arrangement is also widely praised by loyal customers.  

If you’re planning a cozy date at home, Mere’s offers Cheese Boards to-go with delivery or curbside pickup options. 

The Wine Loft

The Wine Loft in Charlotte

Location: 2201 South Boulevard Suite 120, Charlotte 

The Wine Loft is a classy yet laid-back wine bar located at the South End. Most customers described it as an excellent place for a cozy date night. It offers over 20 selections of wine by the glass and over a hundred by the bottle. As for the menu, customers can choose shareable plates like Flatbreads, Yellowfin Tuna, and Chicken Yakitori. 

Barcelona Wine Bar 

Barcelona Wine Bar in Charlotte

Location: 101 West Worthington Avenue Suite 190, Charlotte

Barcelona Wine Bar offers more than 400 wine selections to choose from. It has a high-end price range worth $700 to $800 tier. However, it also provides accessible wine bottles that have a $20 to $30 price range. At the moment, Barcelona features about 50 wine selections by the glass that customers can choose for a “three-taste wine flight” worth $15. 

Customers recommended Albondigas meatballs as a must-order dish that includes five small meatballs made of beef, spiced pork, and veal. If you’re a fan of pairing wine and cheese, you can mix and match preferred cheese and meat. 

Currently, Barcelona Wine Bar is implementing a cashless payment system. So if you’re interested in visiting this classy wine bar, bring your credit or debit card. Unfortunately, it also requires an online reservation as it’s operating at a minimum capacity. 

Vibe Cafe and Wine Bar

Vibe Cafe and Wine Bar in Charlotte

Location: 1315 East Boulevard Suite 110, Charlotte

If you want to enjoy your wine with Greek food or pastries, Vibe is the go-to place in Charlotte. Vibe offers a wide selection of wines that includes Red, Whites, and Sparkling. By the glass, the price ranges from $8 to $16. In addition, Vibe’s food and dessert menu offers salads with pita bread, sandwiches, crepe, waffles, and appetizers. 

Dilworth Tasting Room

Dilworth Tasting Room in Charlotte

Location: 300 East Tremont Avenue, Charlotte 

Dilworth Tasting Room features an intimate wine and coffee bar with the most relaxed patio spot that you can find in Charlotte. The patio has a koi pond in the middle with tables and a bar surrounding it. So if you want to relax, it’s best to sit outside and enjoy the patio’s cool breeze. 

It has over 400 wine bottle selections to choose from. If you want to enjoy free cheese, it’s best to visit Dilworth Tasting Room on Tuesdays. Customers can also enjoy a free charcuterie plate along with a purchase of wine flight on Tuesdays. You can stay tuned for other upcoming daily specials on their website. 

On a regular day, wine flights cost $20 for three preferred white wines. For red wine flights, it costs around $25 for three selections. 

Reid’s Southpark

Reid’s Southpark in Charlotte

Location: 4221 Barclay Downs Drive Southpark Mall, Charlotte

Reid’s Southpark is another upscale wine bar located in Charlotte. It offers 18 wine selections by the glass and at least 700 by the bottle. If you want to enjoy wines at half price by the glass, it’s best to visit Reid’s during Wednesdays. Meanwhile, if you want half price off by the bottle, visit on a Saturday night. 

Reid’s customers recommend the 8-ounce filet with mushroom, tobacco onions, and fried parmesan potatoes as a must-order dish. If you want to pair your wine with cheese, a $19 setup offers four cheese and charcuterie selections. Meanwhile, if you want a larger serving, it costs $22 for a six selections setup. 

The boards are served with mustard, nuts, dried fruits, honey, crostini, pickled vegetables, and crackers. It’s better to keep you informed if you have nut allergies. 

Final Note

In the end, Charlotte’s wine bars are worth the visit. Depending on your tastes, each wine bar listed above offers a commendable selection of wine and foods to enjoy. However, do take note that due to COVID-19, most wine bars are operating at 50% capacity. 

Meanwhile, others need an online reservation before you can visit the place. However, each wine bar is praised by customers for its safety precautions and social distancing implementations. Lastly, don’t forget to visit the Best Wine Bars In Charlotte for an even better experience!

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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