Best Wine Bars in New Orleans


Thousands of people visit New Orleans every year, and no wonder why they keep coming back. Aside from the beauty and fun of New Orleans, they also have the best wine bars that make people fall in love more in the city. The city has a lot of festivals and celebrations, so wine is pretty popular with everyone.  

To make your trip more memorable, visit one or all of these wine bars and explore your palette. You can even find your favorite one and get your own to bring it back home. Now, without furthermore, let’s get right into the goodness!

Bayou Wine Garden

Bayou Wine Garden in New Orleans

Address: 315 N. Rendon St New Orleans

Contact No.:  (504) 826-2925


Bayou Wine Garden is a local wine bar and cuisine in New Orleans’ Mid City. They aim to provide a friendly vibe and a big selection at a pricing range that welcomes and delights both experts and novices, just like our adjacent sister bar, Bayou Beer Garden.

Their wine selection offers a wide range of new and old-world types at a variety of pricing ranges, with selections by the glass, bottle, or carafe. Their wine-on-tap concept, similar to the 46 rotating beers on tap at Bayou Beer Garden, enables 36 rotating wines to be served for a person or a group, all at lower pricing points and higher maintained quality. A complete bar and a colorful drink selection round out the experience, giving you virtually limitless possibilities.

Bacchanal Wine

Bacchanal Wine in New Orleans


Contact No.: (504) 948-9111


Bacchanal is a wine laboratory where cuisine, music, and culture collaborate with Holy Vino to produce the most extraordinary nights in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward. Wines from all around the world may be found at their Old World wine shop. Their skilled team can assist you in selecting the ideal wine to begin your night of merriment. 

Wine and eat al fresco while listening to some of New Orleans’ best original jazz. Their upstairs bar and eating area are open all day, and they offer a large range of creative artisan cocktails and wines by the glass.

Swirl Sensational Wines

Swirl Sensational Wines in New Orleans

Address: 3143 Ponce de Leon Street, New Orleans

Contact No.: 504 304 0635


A charming, quirky neighborhood wine bar where you can enjoy a glass or pick up a bottle to go. They have a well-chosen international variety of wines, with a focus on Europe. We are obsessed with all things Italian, anything with bubbles, and sustainable, natural, biodynamic, and pure wine. Our bar menu matches our tastes, reflecting the shop assortment at moderate costs. You’ll always discover something intriguing and new, something warm and comforting, but most significantly, something wonderful and tasty!

Oak Wine Bar

Oak Wine Bar in New Orleans

Address: 8118 Oak Street, New Orleans

Contact No.: 504.302.1485


The extensive wine cellar at Oak in New Orleans has a diverse assortment of varietals. Our wine selection, which is organized by palate rather than location, includes dozens of wines by the glass as well as almost a hundred hand-selected bottles. Alternatively, select from our distinctive cocktail menu and let our bartenders create something unforgettable. Of course, Oak has a considerable beer selection. Oak gladly provides a range of live music in an intimate environment for local artists. Whether it’s jazz, acoustic folk, or even R&B, our stage is the ideal place to experience the essence of New Orleans music. The ambiance here is typically sophisticated but never stuffy.

The Delachaise

The Delachaise in New Orleans


Contact No.: 504-895-0858


Narrow, loungey wine bar with a terrace and an unusual menu of upscale bar cuisine. The Delachaise is a local Wine Bar & Bistro with over 350 wines, 36 under $36, a complete top-shelf bar, and handcrafted cuisine that rivals most restaurants.  All of the cuisines are delicious, but our clients’ favorites are Thai Moules Frites, Steak Bruschetta, Lamb Burger, and Salmon Johnny Cakes. And a Cheese Plate or House Made Pate can’t go wrong.

Copper Vine

Copper Vine in New Orleans

Address: 1001 Poydras Street, New Orleans

Contact No.: (504) 208-9535


Copper Vine is a lovely location near the Dome, the Smoothie King Center, and the CBD. If some wine bars may be snobbish, this one is a breath of fresh air, aiming to make wine-drinking more approachable and enjoyable – clever and feisty at some angle. With Copper Vine, BHG founder Kyle Brechtel had a vision of an approachable and pleasant location with excellent cuisine and 30 wines on tap. Copper Vine is delicious indeed, especially when you consider the stunning décor, second-floor balcony, communal tables, and private dining possibilities.

The Tasting Room

The Tasting Room in New Orleans


Contact No.: 504-766-6390


The Tasting Room New Orleans is a wine and cocktail restaurant in the Lower Garden District featuring a diverse cuisine. They are here to lure you with a medley of flavors from cuisine, wine, and spirits, much like New Orleans. They have an amazing wine collection from all around the world that will test your taste buds when coupled with tapas food produced by their Executive Chef, Orlando Harris. There’s also a complete bar with a selection of bourbons, scotches, whiskeys, and tequilas. Come test your taste buds!

Claret Wine & Cocktail Bar 

Claret Wine & Cocktail Bar in New Orleans

Address: 1320 Magazine St., New Orleans

Contact No.: (504) 766-9425


Just in time for summer, a new neighborhood wine and cocktail bar opens its doors in the Lower Garden District. Claret Wine & Cocktail Bar, located at 1320 Magazine Street, is a trendy venue with window views and an outside patio. Just in time for summer, a new neighborhood wine and cocktail bar opens its doors in the Lower Garden District. Claret Wine & Cocktail Bar, located at 1320 Magazine Street, is a trendy venue with window views and an outside patio.

A glass of wine is the best way to end the day. I hope you can find the best one in this list and don’t forget to share it with your friends! Have fun at your new hang spot and look fine sipping wine from their exclusives. 

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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