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Did you know that historically, Portland is known as a shipping port with lots of strip clubs? But of course, some things have changed over the years. Right now, wine bars in Portland are becoming more popular for locals and travelers. This isn’t surprising considering that Portland is located in the Willamette Valley, a wine-producing region. It’s not as popular as the ones in California nevertheless, it also produces world-class quality wine.

And this is precisely the reason why we recommend that you include visiting wine bars in Portland. It’s not just about tasting the wine itself. But going to wine bars allows you to have a deeper perspective about the culture and the people. You get to meet new friends, and it makes your travel worthwhile. 

Do you know which ones topped our list? We have here nine amazing wine bars in Portland which we highly recommend. We based our choices according to the quality of wine, ambiance, food, staff, and overall experience.

These are perfect, not just for travelers, but also for locals.  

Corkscrew Wine Bar

Corkscrew Wine Bar was established in 2010. And within those years, they were able to win the hearts of their guests. Their unique interior and amazing wine selection will keep you coming back for more. If you are looking for a wine bar that will give you that rustic vibe, then Corkscrew Wine Bar is probably one of the best choices.

You can also listen to different live jazz music almost every night as you enjoy your wine. Check out their website and you will see the band for the night. 

While most wine bars have a male leadership team, the case is different in Corkscrew. Their founder, owner, and general manager are all female. And yes, they are doing a great job!

It’s a small business so a reservation is not yet an option, except if you are to rent out the entire place. And if you plan to have a medium-group gathering, then emailing them first is recommended.  

Location: 1665 SE Bybee Blvd. Portland 

Portland Wine Bar

This wine bar is also a winery, a tasting room, and a wine store located in downtown Portland, Oregon. They serve local and handcrafted wines from the Pacific Northwest. They believe that smaller batches of wine are better. This has been proven with the taste of their wine. 

The owner of the wine bar is passionate about creating his own wine, and is not afraid of being creative. Because of his innovations, his creations are quite unique. 

If you want to learn more about the local wine, or even wine in general, this is the best place to visit. The bar’s atmosphere is just light and fun. It’s perfect if you just want to relax and have a drink. 

Location: 526 SW Yamhill Street, Portland     

Oui Wine Bar

Are you interested to see the vinification process of wine? If yes, then Oui Wine Bar is the place to go to. You can see it through their glass roll-up doors all year round.  

For the price of $39 per person, you can enjoy the Chef’s Choice Tasting menu, a five-course family-style dinner. Since the bar has limited space, it’s recommended that you reserve first if you plan to take this option. 

If you want to hold a medium-sized party (12 – 16 guests), you can reach out to them via phone call and inquire about the group dining option. You get to have discounted rates, and you will have a smaller fare to share. 

Location:  2425 SE 35th Pl, Portland

Pairings Portland Wine Shop

It’s also called Portland’s Weirdest Wine Shop & Bar. That alone should make you interested to visit this spot. Pairings Portland Wine Shop knows how to give their guests fun! But this doesn’t mean they aren’t serious with viticulture. 

If you must know, 80% of their grapes are farmed organically and fermented using only natural yeast. They also have wine offering for people who don’t want to splurge too much, yet would like to have quality wine at hand.  

And since we want you to maximize your wine experience, why don’t you attend their Pairings Basics Class and understand how food can affect the taste of your wine. 

Those who live within or near the wine bar should also take advantage of their membership. Exclusive promos and discounts are waiting for you. 

Location: 455 NE 24th Ave, Portland

The Old Portland Wine Bar

The Old Portland Wine Bar, according to some, is one of the coolest wine bars in the world. And we totally understand why. 

You get to enjoy the space and feel the hospitality of their bartenders. It’s also the ideal spot if you want to have a romantic date or an intimate conversation. And let’s not forget the cool songs regularly played at the wine bar. 

They have a limited wine list. But that’s just fine because everything on the list is superb. You will never go wrong with whatever choice you pick for the night. 

It’s definitely a hidden gem in the area and you should never miss it. If you want to meet up with your friends or meet new ones, we highly recommend that you pay a visit to The Old Portland Wine Bar. 

Location: 1433 NW Quimby St, Portland

The Bar At Park Avenue

The wine bar can only sit 24 guests. For some, this might be a disadvantage. But in our opinion, the small space is the bar’s asset too. This is perfect if you want to go out of your homes, have a sip of quality wine – without the noise of other guests. But if you want to hold a party for 8 to 20 persons, then feel free to reserve the standing bar. Their staff is amazing as well. They are extremely friendly and have great knowledge of their products. 

In addition, the wine bar has partnered with Karl Holl, Portland Monthly’s Chef of the Year. This means that our guests can try out his famous farm-to-table cooking.

If you wish to have your wine orders delivered, just give them a call and they are efficient enough to make arrangements.  

Location: 626 SW Park Avenue, Portland

Les Caves

Les Caves can offer you a wine experience you will never forget. You have to be very careful though when going to this place because it’s easy to miss. There is no storefront signage, by the way.  But this makes it even more exciting to visit. It’s as if you are looking for a hidden treasure in Portland. And yes, Les Caves is one of their local treasures. 

Their ‘cave’ is just too fantastic. They have ‘The Couch’ which they call the ‘most exclusive seat in Portland’. And then they have the 18-seat wine bar, where you can meet with smaller groups and just chill. 

To discover and taste something different is what they promise. And that should be more than enough for everyone to try it out. 

Location: 1719 NE Alberta St, Portland

Muse Winebar

This is also one of the best wine bars in Portland given its ambiance, wine list, and staff. You can enjoy intimate conversations here. We want you to try this place if you are going out for a romantic dinner. 

Here, you can also order cheeses and fine meats that can be paired with your chosen wine. Their chocolate plate is a good option as well. But as our favorite, try out the cheese board where you can let the owner decide for you. 

And since we are talking about the overall experience, their staff is amazing as well. It’s quite evident that they know what they are talking about. Ask them about the menu and they will answer you with confidence and passion. 

Location: 2264 NW Raleigh St, Portland


Looking for a small-sized bar where you can appreciate your wine to the fullest? We encourage you to visit MBar. In fact, they call this the smallest bar in Portland.  

You get to meet amazing people, and they also provide fast service so you won’t have a dull time. 

The best part is that you can bring your dog. It’s pet-friendly and that’s why people love to chill in this place. But if you are looking for a place to hold parties, then you have to limit the number of your guests. 

Location: 417 NW 21st Ave, Portland


Portland has a lot to offer. It has a rich culture and history which anyone would appreciate. If you plan to visit, you can go to the Museum of Science and Industry, the zoo, the Pittock Mansion, or just go around the Lan Su Chinese Garden. 

Yes, it can be tiring and the best way to end your day is to visit these wine bars in Portland. Meet the friendly locals and even share your own wine knowledge. 

Most of the wine bars in Portland we included on this list are small or provide limited seating. Take advantage of it to have a more intimate type of wine experience.

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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