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Thanks to the viticulturists, we now enjoy the earthy aroma and the fruity flavors of wine today. And when it comes to the wine culture, South Jersey emerges as one of the household names in the viticultural sector

Whether you’re looking for a spicy finish, oaky flavor, an off-dry concoction, or a tannic aftertaste, this list will guide you where to spend wine o’clock with the best wines across South Jersey. 

Here are the best wineries in South Jersey you should nip down to:

William Heritage

This is the best winery in South Jersey and it’s not even close. William Heritage is creating wines to fit any pallet. Their new natural wines are refreshing and a must need in South Jersey. The company is ready for the next step in product and ready to go global.

The 150-acre land was once a peach and apple orchard. However, the Heritage family has since discovered the potential of the wine industry in the area. 

That said, Bill and Penni Heritage, the founders behind this successful winery is now the fifth generation tending the 150-acre land. 

A proof that they’re one of the best wineries in South Jersey? In 2011 and 2014, the Garden State Wine Growers Association named them “Winery of the Year.” 

Hawk Haven Vineyard and Winery 

What was once an ordinary farmland purchase is now an award-winning vineyard and winery that wine enthusiasts enjoy today. 

The voyage from Germany to Cape May proves to be the best decision Johan Felix Wuerker ever made. When Johan bought the land, it began as a mundane farmland. Keeping the vast area for three generations, Johan’s son, Todd Wuerker, decided to plant the initial grapevines that would soon become the reason for the winery’s success. 

The winery now works with The Winemaker’s Co-Op for production, events, press outreach, and more. And their Signature Series wines are a must-try! 

Valenzano Family Winery 

With over 88 acres of land where their vineyards are sitting on, the Valenzano family is proud of all their accomplishments in the viticulture industry.

They make sure to source the freshest ingredients for their award-winning wines such as the Shamong Pinelands Blush, which received a gold medal award. 

Being one of the best wineries in South Jersey, the Valenzano Family Winery boasts of being the first winner of the Governor’s Cup Wine Award for two consecutive years. 

Wagonhouse Winery 

Dan and Heather, the founders of Wagonhouse Winery, let their passion and creativity flourish to catapult the winery to where it is today. 

Both founders know how starting small and exerting blood, sweat, and tears mean. They initially started with a leased land, planted grapevines, and grew the winery from there. 

They also have another line of unique sweet wines called “Three Boys Brand.” 

Chestnut Run Farm

When it comes to the best South Jersey wineries, Chestnut Run Farm comes up as the leading Asian pear and Fuji apple wine producer. 

They’re awarded as one of the top wineries in South Jersey grabbing two gold medals during the 2012 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition in the bag. 

But if you think that they mass produce their Asian pear and Fuji apple wines, think again. They only make them in small batches, focusing on precision and quality every time. 

Coda Rossa

Coda Rossa believes that the different aspects of wine such as taste, aroma, body, finish, flavor, and acidity shouldn’t only be what winemaking is all about. 

The beautiful memories and unforgettable conversations when a bottle of wine is shared are more important. 

There’s a reason why they’re one of the best South Jersey wineries. That’s because they also give winemaking a different twist by offering wine enthusiasts to “handcraft their own wines.” They can do this in Coda Rossa’s sister company, The Wine Room. 

White Horse Winery

White Horse Winery deserves a spot in our ‘best wineries in South Jersey’ list. The father and son duo, Brock Vinton and Brock Vinton II, takes pride in giving wine lovers premier wines in South Jersey. 

Their winemaker, Seferino Cotzojay, is a virtuoso in winemaking with over 10 years of knowledge and experience. He’s also featured in various write-ups about winemaking on different broadcasting mediums. The Wall Street Journal is one of them. 

PS. This is my second favorite winery in the region.

Tomasello Winery 

Tomasello Winery creates a whole new level for wine connoisseurs by ensuring luxurious tasting rooms and gift shops.

Most importantly, this family-owned winery believes that though great wines are made in the vineyard, the essential moments are those spent with family and friends. This is the true essence of what makes a bottle of wine great. 

Their quality wines didn’t go unnoticed as they’ve bagged several gold and silver medals in 2013, 2014 and 2015 at the Tastings World Wine Championships. 

Sharrott Winery 

Sharrott Winery is undeniably one of the top wineries in South Jersey. Wine enthusiasts can enjoy 23,000 gallons of wine at the Tasting Bar in the winery. 

If that’s not enough for the vivacious souls, they can also enjoy a myriad of events held at Sharrott Winery. Music gigs, trivia nights, yoga sessions, paints, and crafts, to name a few.

Then they can finish it off with a delectable dish from their Tasting Room, where the dishes are cooked in an open-flame oven. Indeed an excellent way to spend the weekends in South Jersey! 

Amalthea Cellars

The best South Jersey wineries list won’t be complete without Amalthea Cellars. They use only the freshest fruits and combine them with vanilla, cinnamon, coffee, chocolate, and other powerfully rich flavors you can think of. Also, this winery ensures quality handcrafted wines yearly. 

According to a Tastings review, “Out of more than 8,400 reviews, 97 points was the highest score BTI awarded of which only nine wines received the score. Amalthea Cellars 2015 Legend’s Edition Europa I, a Bordeaux-style blend from New Jersey, was one of those wines.”

Cape May Winery 

Cape May is a famous viticulture region in South Jersey, and Cape May Winery & Vineyard is one of the best South Jersey wineries to date. 

Wine connoisseurs can enjoy the 70-acre view of the beautiful Cape May Winery vineyards and more than 20 different wine styles. With this variety, there’s always a type of wine suitable for every palate. 

DiMatteo Winery 

Let’s end this list of the top wineries in South Jersey by giving DiMatteo Winery a mention. 

Nestled in a region with perfect climatic conditions for vineyards, DiMatteo Winery boasts of several awards in its belt. Some of its wines are featured in the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, New Jersey Wine Competition, and more. 

Try the Chambourcin, Niagara, Pasquale Red, Traminette, and Vidal Blanc for a refreshing taste. 

Be it for parties, family gatherings, or a mere “me” time for good wine, these best wineries and wines in South Jersey will make every moment worth your while! 

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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