Another city down and another city explored. Kansas City Missouri will always hold a special place in my heart. Although my girlfriend moved here for a new job, it was a city that we initially explored on our own. Back in February of 2018, she got offered an incredible job in the fashion industry. A job she longed for and deserved for years. She had to pack ALL of her things and make the 1125 mile hike in the middle of the country.

What I found fascinating along the way was not only our bonding time together, but the places we went to for food. Fast forward to present day and I’m proud to consider Kansas City Missouri a second home. Here are all of the adventures and places we’ve gone to that are all within the price range of under $15 for one person.

DISCLAIMER* This blog will continue to be updated as I collect research and essentially eat there on your behalf.


Although the owner is from Philadelphia. They serve cheesteaks. It’s not at all like the ones in Philadelphia, however, it does the job when you need to soak up that beer you’ve drank earlier that day.


Classic New Orleans style food for a relatively cheap cost in the River Market.

Char Bar

I mean, BBQ at it’s finest. I’ve come here multiple times while immediately getting off a plane.

Kansas City Joe’s

The destination and church like BBQ joint. It’s a must go.


Homey vibe, but really good food.

Milwaukee Delicatessen Company

Cheap eats, very chill vibe. Great beer selection and pizza.


For when you don’t want to move. 

The Farmhouse

Incredible place for brunch.

Blue Nile Cafe

All you can eat Indian food? Yes please.