There’s something about finding a “hole in the wall” restaurant that you can then call your own. (or worse, brag about it to others) On most weekends, I head over to Philadelphia to explore. During these times, I do my best to push myself to try new things. Some days the theme could be a big salty bowl of pho. Or maybe a hearty sandwich that makes you warm and fuzzy inside. Or maybe it’s the another cuisine that screams authenticity and takes you to that country.

As you can tell, I like to eat. While eating can be costly in terms of your health, it can also be costly to your wallet…IF you don’t research where the good places are.

Whether you’re a native to the city of Philadelphia, a transplant, or maybe a tourist, I’d like to go over my ever expanding list of cheap food in Philadelphia that has the absolute BEST quality, all under the price point of $15.

UPDATE* This list has last been updated on January 12th, 2019 and will continue to grow as I further explore the city.

Center City

  • Goldie (Vegan/Vegetarian options)
  • Dizengoff (Vegan/Vegetarian options)
  • Dinic’s Roast Pork (BadVegan option)
  • The Foodery
  • Tom’s Dimsum (Chinatown)

South Philadelphia

  • Nam Phuong
  • Pho 75 (BadVegan option)
  • Hardena (Vegan/Vegetarian options)
  • Fountain Porter
  • Ba Le


  • Nunu
  • Sketch Burger

Old City

  • Khyber Bar


  • Era