11 Best Cocktail Glasses To Check Out


Even for the most experienced cocktail connoisseur, the notion of developing a superb glassware collection can be daunting. In addition to the evident influence of drink trends, there are a variety of brands, styles, and quality levels to pick from. So here are the best cocktail glasses that you should check out!

While a drink can be in any glass, classic cocktails require specific cocktail glasses for each drink. The numerous cocktail glass types may appear to exist solely for the purpose of appearance, yet that is just part of the equation. The capacity of the glass is vital to ensure that it is large enough to hold the drink but not so large that it overwhelms it, as well as the proper size and shape for garnishes and ice. The glasses may also influence where the cocktail lands on your tongue, influencing how you perceive the flavor. Similarly, the shape of the glass may guide the smells of the drink in a specific direction to enhance your enjoyment.

The Appropriate Glass

The appropriate glass can enhance the flavor of your drink. Consider this: when was the last time you drank a cocktail without using a cocktail glass? What about some beer? Why is it that a martini tastes a million times better when served in a martini/coupe glass? A negroni in a tumbler, perhaps? Let’s face it, some beverages deserve specific glasses.

You’ll have much to toast in the new year, and since toasting often entails clinking glasses, make sure your bar is full—not just with a variety of spirits, but also with the appropriate cocktail glasses to pour them into. Every cocktail, from margaritas to martinis, deserves its own glass. Start with these top cocktail glasses we’ve meticulously gathered to start your own glassware collection.

Before anything else, I’m gonna give you some tips to remember when you go shopping for cocktail glasses.

The Tips

Look at the Glass

Carefully turn it away from the light. From bowl to foot, it should be gin-clear. Any touch of green indicates low-grade bottle glass, so proceed with caution. Colored stems are fine, if a little out of style. Antiques require etching and engraving.

Listen to the Glass

With a knuckle or a cork, rap the bowl hard at the equator. A nice bell-like tone with a lingering finish should last several seconds. However, what if you hear a metallic clink? Pass.

Agreeably Light and Well Balanced

If the glass meets these requirements, move on to more subjective characteristics such as heaviness. The glass should be light and balanced, not “bowl heavy,” as this may cause spills, as will glasses with small footprints. A foot roughly as wide as the bowl for stability. Make sure the stem is attractively thin, but not too thin that it becomes fragile. Glasses with a pulled-stem or “drawn” stem are in one piece. “Pieced” glasses feature a joint where the stem and bowl have been fused together, and they can be cheaper than pulled stems.

Wine glass 2.0. 

Though a one-size-fits-all glass is certainly adequate, individuals with the space or who want to expand their stemware collection might consider a set of red wine glasses, a set of white wine glasses, and a pair of sparkling wine glasses. Because white wines require less breathing and are served chilled, the bowl of a white wine glass can be narrower and the glass itself smaller, in the 10-ounce range. White wine stays cooler in a narrower glass with slightly straighter sides. Rosés can also be served in white wine glasses. When pouring sparkling wine or champagne, tall, narrow glasses, known as flutes, are excellent. “The bubbly keeps bubblier” because of their narrow shape.

Now, here are the greatest cocktail glasses to have on your home bar to help you narrow down your options.

The Glasses

Libbey Polaris Tumbler and Rocks Glass Set 

These glasses were popular because they appeared to be much more expensive than they were. Because of their exceptional quality, they also have an elegant appearance, making them ideal for high-end bars and restaurants!

Enjoy effortless flair and elegance at every occasion with the Libbey Polaris Tumbler and Rocks Glass Set. The set comprises 16 gorgeous clear glass pieces that are ideal for dinner parties or large gatherings. There are two sizes to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your various beverages. The crystal-clear shape is ideal for displaying your favorite drinks, and the well-balanced design makes for effortless and comfortable use. These sturdy glasses are also constructed of lead-free glass and are dishwasher safe.

These glasses are for those who respect their glassware’s durability. They are also multi-functional, allowing you to save money in the long run.

Libbey Classic Can Tumbler Glasses

This product has received rave reviews from customers, with many claiming that it is solid and resilient despite being repeatedly put into sinks or dishwashers. They also appreciate how easy they are to hold.

In a Libbey Classic Can Tumbler Glass, quench your thirst with a cold one the proper way! These glasses are designed to hold the thick foam of your favorite beverage, such as beer, ensuring that every sip is flawless. They have a 16-ounce capacity. They’re the perfect size for soothing your thirst because they hold a lot of liquid.

The soda can-shaped design is both fashionable and functional, and the set comes with four glasses so you can share them with your friends. The sturdy construction resists clinks and can withstand multiple dishwasher cycles. These lead-free glasses also assure that you’re drinking from a safe source.

Advanced Mixology Mule Science Authentic Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Set

Customers appreciate that this kit includes essentials such as a stirrer, jigger, and recipes. The coasters might potentially be used as lids, albeit they are not airtight. These beauties aren’t just gorgeous to look at; they’re also extremely practical!

Advanced Mixology’s kit includes four copper mules as well as a slew of other essentials like straws, a straw brush, a shot glass, coasters, and a bar spoon. For unparalleled functionality and durability, the majority of these items are made of pure copper. The mugs have a 22-gauge thickness that will keep your drinks cool for a long time, and the outside is covered with food-grade lacquer to prevent tarnish. The distinctive hammered design adds a stylish touch to any home bar.

You can’t call yourself a Moscow Mule fan without the proper gear. Fortunately, Advanced Mixology has you covered with a whole Moscow Mule kit!

Bormioli Rocco Stackable Bodega Glasses

Bormioli Rocco’s bodega glasses are popular in the business for a variety of reasons, and the inexpensive price is just an added plus. However, in this case, pricing is by no means an indicator of quality—these tumblers are constructed of ultra-durable tempered glass, and the clean, simple form is also utilitarian, stacking into one another to save room in your cabinet.

The 7.5-ounce tiny version is perfect for any cocktail, water, wine, and even candles. These dishwasher-safe glasses are also available in several sizes.

Marquis by Waterford Crosby Martini Glasses

Because V-shaped glasses are top-heavy, they aren’t generally perfect for Martinis, but Waterford’s crystal glasses are an exception. One of the most prestigious glassware alternatives is Waterford Crystal. Original Waterford pieces are expensive, but the Marquis line delivers the same quality at a lesser cost.

These 7-ounce glasses are made of pure crystal and feature the brand’s characteristic geometric grid-cut pattern. The crystal’s higher weight also adds to its stability. It is recommended that you hand wash these glasses.

Libbey Blue Ribbon Stemless Margarita Glasses

While many of the other glassware selections on this list can be used for a variety of cocktails, the margarita glass is designed specifically for its namesake sweet, sour, salty, and refreshing cocktail. These glasses are stemless, lightweight, sturdy, and dishwasher-safe, so you may salt the rims, serve your drinks, and recycle as needed. Without the hoopla of hand-washing.

You may get a selection of margarita glasses by searching the internet. Some are stemless cocktail glasses, while others are one-of-a-kind beauties that resemble the form and size of a rocks glass. Thick, strong glass with a blue accent in an otherwise clear glass is the distinguishing feature. We recommend a Margarita as a cocktail and glass to go with all of your south-of-the-border cooking excursions.

Vance Cut-Glass Highball Glasses Set

Although the highball and collins glasses are sometimes used interchangeably, there is a tiny size difference. A collins glass is taller than a highball glass and holds a few extra ounces. They are tall stemless glasses that are smaller than regular shaker pint glasses and hold roughly 12 ounces. Simple two- to three-ingredient drinks like vodka soda, G&T, or whiskey highball are served in the highball and collins cocktail glasses. They’re also commonly used in pubs and restaurants for non-alcoholic options because they’re strong and uncomplicated.

When selecting a highball glass, keep it basic and robust. Dishwasher-safe is a plus because these will be used frequently, especially if you enjoy gin & tonics or Americanos.

A Whiskey Highball is the greatest cocktail to serve in a highball glass. Whiskey (or bourbon) and something effervescent is the only ingredients in this exceedingly simple cocktail. We prefer it with ginger ale, but it’s also been made with sparkling water, tonic water, and club soda. A lemon slice or peel is frequently used as a garnish.

Godinger Italian-Made Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses (Set of 4)

This simple, clear glass is used to serve drinks over ice and is often short, thick, and otherwise inconspicuous (one big cube for fancy spots, many smaller cubes otherwise). You’re aware of everything. These are the glasses to use for serving cocktails on the rocks. It gets more complicated, according to the Internet, because it’s also an “old-fashioned glass,” but we don’t get the misunderstanding given the cocktail is usually always served on the rocks. Whether you’re creating bourbon cocktails or drinking whiskey straight, you’ll need a good set of these glasses.

An excellent pair of rock glasses is straightforward. A normal rocks or double rocks glass will serve for a wide variety of drinks unless you have aesthetic preferences. The greatest old-fashioned glasses, in our opinion, are solid, lasting, and unadorned. A double rocks glass (which adds around two ounces to the ordinary glass) may be best for you if you plan on serving large drinks. However, keep your old-fashioned glasses basic and concentrate on the cocktail.

JoyJolt Champagne Flutes (Set of 2)

There are just two types of brunch (or earlier) cocktails to choose from Bloody Mary or Mimosa. While we love the Bloody Mary, Maria, Caesar, and other Bloody Marys, they’re not exactly refreshing. Then you may put it in any old glass. We’ve seen stemless wine glasses, shaker pints, and full Bloody Mary bowls.

The Mimosa, on the other hand, is a unique cocktail that deserves its own glass. The Mimosa, like its Italian cousin the Bellini, is best to be in a classic champagne flute. The design of champagne flutes varies, but the most are stemmed cocktail glasses with a tall, thin glass atop. Champagne can be in a variety of glasses, including stemless wine glasses, tumblers, coupe cocktail glasses, and more, but the Mimosa is traditionally in a champagne flute.

If you’re serving the Bellini for brunch, the insanely simple formula of alcoholic bubbles + fruit juice remains the same, with the exception that you use Prosecco instead of champagne and peach puree instead of orange juice. It’s just as refreshing, but tastier and a little more upscale.

PG Moscow Mule Mugs 19oz (Set of 4)

The Mule is a classic cocktail that is both simple to create and effervescent and refreshing. The drink has become iconic and distinctive thanks to the customized cocktail glass. Most cocktails can be in one or two types of cocktail glasses with ease. The Mule, on the other hand, has only one home: a copper mug.

You need vodka to make a Moscow Mule. You may make the Kentucky Bourbon Mule with either bourbon or rye whiskey. Over an entire copper mule mug filled with ice, pour your preferred spirit, plenty of ginger beer, and some lime juice, then garnish with a mint sprig. The entire copper mug should get icy on the exterior, signaling that it’s ready to delve into the liquid bliss in front of you.

JoyJolt 6-Pack Heavy Base Shot Glasses Set (Set of 6)

The traditional shot glass, while not exactly a cocktail glass, is a must-have for any modern bar cart. A jigger is standard equipment in most home bars, although, in a pinch, a shot glass will suffice. Shot glasses are also an excellent way to personalize your bar cart. You may add something eye-catching to your cocktail glass collection whether you collect goofy, touristy shot glasses on travels or you chance onto some beautiful vintage ones. If you want a more practical approach, just clear glass shot glasses would suffice.

The most important consideration is size. One-ounce shot glasses are difficult to pour into, and two-ounce shot glasses pile up rapidly. A two-ounce shot glass is also an option, although it’s ultimately a matter of personal opinion.

Shot glasses are ideal for drinking sake, amaro, or any other digestif. Plus, the two-ounce shot glasses allow you to make more inventive combinations, like the Ferrari, which is our personal favorite. However, we recommend a boilermaker as an all-time great combo. An at-home boilermaker, which is usually best for the dive bar, can be a wonderful party combination. It doesn’t get any easier than this: pour a shot of your favorite spirit and match it with a lager (or any beer) of your choosing.

Final Thoughts

Unless the situation calls for it, there’s no need to serve your above-par cocktail in a sub-par glass (looking at you, red Solo cup). The truth is, what you’re drinking will strongly influence which glass you should use. Looking for a highball that’s fizzy and effervescent? A Collins glass or a highball glass would suffice. Do you prefer a Vesper or Manhattan? For that, you’ll need a coupe or martini glass. The following will assist wine lovers in getting sparkling spritzes to their lips. Are you shooting? We have our likes for it as well.

Whether you’re clinking glasses for your engagement, anniversary, or just entertaining friends at home, these cocktail glasses will make you feel like a true mixologist—and your concoctions will taste like they were by one. After all, the right glass can enable the spirit to breathe and permeate properly for maximum enjoyment.

When it comes to trendy drinkware, we have a lot of options, from every day to party-ready. You might favor clean-cut drinking glasses with sharp shapes, or you might prefer something artisanal and rough around the edges. In any case, you’ll need a good assortment to cover all bases, and there are plenty of options to choose from, as varied as their price tags. Now, are you ready to fill your bar cart with the best? If you want to make a nice bar cart impression, you should check out these glasses! Have fun shopping!

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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