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One cuisine that has the power to genuinely enrage people is bagels. It would seem strange to people who aren’t emotionally passionate about the drama to fight about matters. Such as cream cheese schmears or the precise type of lox that should be placed on top. Much less enigmatic ideas like “chewiness” and baking soda baths. The likelihood is high that those people have never enjoyed a quality bagel.

In addition to the fact that New York is home to thousands of bagel shops, bagels are a common bread item in coffee shops, bakeries, and breakfast establishments all over the world. The unusual and fascinating procedure that goes into making them is often visible to consumers in open kitchens.

The main ingredients for bagels’ incredibly dense and chewy dough are special, high-gluten wheat, yeast, salt, and a sweetener. The dough is fashioned like a doughnut. And it is cooked by first boiling it in water, then baking it while being egg-washed. The number of flavors of bagels increased along with their popularity. The most famous bagel flavors are below.

Salt bagel

Undoubtedly, a fortunate eater may come across a salt bagel that is genuinely good somewhere in the world. However, it’s difficult to believe. Why would you want to eat a baked item that is just a plain bagel that has a thick salt crust on top when plain bagels are already the most boring sort of bagel?

Maybe you’re prepared to counter that, no, your favorite bagel shop hasn’t done this transgression against breakfast carbohydrates. Otherwise, you have the pretzel argument ready to go. Yes, pretzels traditionally include a lot of salt as well, but a bagel is not a pretzel. Too frequently, the salt on these bagels simply overwhelms any additional tastes you may have tried to add. It can’t possibly be healthy to consume so much salt, in any case. Please keep a large, tall glass of water handy to prevent the inevitable dehydration if you insist on eating such a bagel.

Plain Bagel

There are certainly many who support plain bagels. Whether you’re going heavy on the smoked lox, dousing the bagel in cream cheese, or creating a sandwich, they offer a decent canvas for all kinds of flavors.

But the worst flaw of the plain bagel is that very attribute. Well, it’s just plain. The beige bagels are this one. Although it serves as a tasteless backdrop for many other mouthwatering bagels, there isn’t much about this bagel that would make it stand out on its own. Who puts a blank canvas in an art gallery, after all? Has anyone ever had a basic bagel without any toppings for the sheer pleasure of it? Obviously not.

Multigrain Bagel

Do you still desire wheat bagels? Do you want to conveniently ignore the precise amount of carbohydrates in each bagel while yet maintaining the appearance of eating nutritious food? Okay, I admit that sometimes visiting the bakery just puts you in the desire for crunchy foods. You might desire a bagel that makes you want to go barefoot into the woods and play your guitar while in silent contemplation of nature.

You should then request a multigrain bagel if that is the case. This flavors of bagels complements both sweet and savory ingredients well. The seeds, oats, and other ingredients baked into the dough often give a new tactile dimension to your meal. Hopefully, you won’t experience the terrible bagel topping shed, in which all of your delicious toppings fall off the bagel and onto your plate. A multigrain bagel is undoubtedly better than a lot of other options.

Chocolate Chip Bagel

We all occasionally have awful days. Maybe your employer sent you a particularly demanding email, you’re anxious about an upcoming interview, the day is dreary, or you simply woke up on the wrong side of the bed. You realize that you could use a pick-me-up as you walk inside the deli and weigh your alternatives.

It’s possible that the chocolate chip bagel has saved you. Is it the bagels’ most sophisticated flavor? Not really, no. But when done well, it can still be rather enjoyable. Imagine it as the slightly older sibling to the rainbow bagel’s adorable color explosion.

Cinnamon Raisin Bagel

Just a minute, please. Despite seeing the word “raisin,” don’t let your preconceived ideas of wilted school snacks deter you from what may be a positive bagel experience. You can also get rid of any regrettable memories of cinnamon raisin cookies. Don’t worry, you probably mistakenly believed those to be chocolate chip cookies and were disappointed. You won’t be let down if you order the cinnamon raisin bagel because you know precisely what you’re getting.

The cinnamon raisin bagel is considered by many to be the pinnacle of sweet bagel flavors. An excellent representation of cinnamon raisin bagels will have layered flavors and subtle sweetness from the raisins that are countered by the comforting, delectable cinnamon spice. Of all, this isn’t some special bagel meant just for those who unfortunately lack taste receptors. The next time you want sweets then the flavors of bagels that is genuinely intended for adults, get a cinnamon raisin bagel.

Everything Bagel

There are minimalists among us. That’s okay, especially if you enjoy having a tidy desk and a clutter-free home. The simple lines of a minimalist lifestyle have a certain allure. However, you should really strive to be a maximalist once when it comes to bagels. How else can the miracle of an everything bagel be completely appreciated?

For bagel enthusiasts who are unsure of what they want as well as those who know exactly what they want, everything bagels are truly a gift from above. Well, everything is in these bagels. They have more flavors of bagels made with salt, poppy seeds, onions, and garlic combined. The crunchy seeds and dried onions on top of these tiny rounds of chewy carbs, as well as the chew of the bagel itself, provide a variety of textures.

Blueberry Bagels

You may have come to the conclusion that a French toast bagel’s extreme sweetness is simply too much for both your palette and your pancreas to tolerate. Bravo to you! You must, though, own that you occasionally have a sweet tooth. You might even admit to yourself that you wouldn’t mind eating a bagel with a unique color. Although you won’t go so far as to order a rainbow bagel, your eyes could use a treat just as much as your stomach can.

Fruit additions, however, are quite divisive in the bagel community. Some people find it intolerable to see the tiny blueberries mixed in with their bread. Additionally, some restaurants mix the dough vigorously and may even add a little juice or food coloring to make the dough shockingly purple. Please move on to another selection if the idea of biting into a fruity violet bagel doesn’t appeal to you.

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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