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One of the best ways to know more about a place is through the stomach. Yes, the food! Who doesn’t love eating? With eating, I mean tasting the delicious food that a place has to offer. One of the best ways to know about the best food spots in the city is through the locals. In this post, let us get to know more about the best Philadelphia food bloggers. Why bloggers? These are locals who have dedicated their time and expertise to the food scene in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

You usually find these local food experts on Instagram. Some of them may not have a blog URL or a website but Instagram is a microblogging network, so technically, they are still considered bloggers.

Express and Discard

Paul McDonald is the person behind the Instagram handle @express_and_discard. He is a bartender at the local Philly bar Friday Saturday Sunday, which is located at 261 South 21st Street. He has teamed up with local newspaper, The Philadelphia Inquirer, in which it featured Paul’s cocktail series named Fibonacci. The ingredients of the cocktail include aquavit, Madeira, Cardamaro, Creole shrub, and more. Accordingly, Paul uses the 13th-century math sequence as a method for proportioning the ingredients.

Paul’s Instagram feed is full of beautiful photos of the drinks he prepared for Friday Saturday Sunday. He is fond of using different styles of glasses and garnishes the overall presentation with a slice of grapefruit. He is also very transparent in sharing the ingredients of the drink.  

Some of Paul’s creations include The Conquest of Gaul, Good Faith, The Panache Attack, Old Grand Dad Bonded Bourbon, and The Great Satan. If you’re into this kind of drink, you’ll probably enjoy Paul’s feed.


Consider Wine Guide Philly if you want to know more about the best spots to buy and drink wine in the city of Philadelphia. So far, it has recommended Fountain Porter, LDM Wines, Bowler Wines, and Oloroso.


Hope Cohen runs and manages CravePhilly. She is a local chef and a consultant to different restaurants in Philadelphia. Hosting over about 400 cooking shows is also one of the facts that you can find on her resume. Apart from that, she is also the author of Fast, Fresh + Simple, an award-winning cookbook. In other words, she is an expert when it comes to the local food scene in the city. With this, she is one of the Philadelphia food bloggers you need to follow.

If you’re into videos, CravePhilly has a YouTube channel that features different restaurants in Philly including Bing Bing Dim Sum, Bonchon, Hungry Pigeon, Double Knot Philly, Kensington Quarters, and more! The videos also contain interviews with the chefs and how they prepare their dishes. Hope also shares her reviews on her CravePhilly videos.

Know more about Philly’s food scene through CravePhilly at

Philly Nom Bros

It’s so hard not to tempt yourself in getting a bite at the photos being posted at the Instagram account of Philly Nom Bros. Gary and Ryan are the people behind Philly Nom Bros. They share their passion for learning, eating, and sharing the local food scene in Philly to their audience.

The two are usually fond of eating pizzas, pasta, bagels, donuts, and fries. On some occasions, they also munch on some Japanese and Italian cuisine. Philly Nom Bros also share their experiences in food tasting to new dishes and restaurants in the city.

David Snyder

Philafoodie is the alter ego of David Synder. He is the Wine Director at Fond, a CMS Certified Sommelier, and a lawyer. David’s Instagram feed is packed with a different array of dishes that includes grilled pork kebabs, corn fritters, pizza, pasta, strip steak, carrot rolls, and more. He also posts photos of the wines he tasted including Ampeleia Unilitro IGT Costa Toscana 2016.

Swag Food Philly

Swag Food Philly is run by two foodies named Gianna and Megan. Its Instagram feed is a heaven for its 100k followers. It features different types of food in the city of Philadelphia. These two influencers are very engaging to their audience. They host Q&A and share their reviews with the food they ate.    

If you love variety when it comes to food choices in Philadelphia, go follow Swag Food Philly!

Craig Laban

Craig Laban is a restaurant critic in Philadelphia. If you want an honest review of the food spots in Philly, you need to follow him. He is meticulous when it comes to describing the food – from the way it is presented down to its taste. He is also fond of sharing his adventure from going to the grocery store to find the hot sauce to the factory that makes cheese, and more! You will enjoy following Craig Laban if you want a comprehensive guide to the food spots in Philly as seen on his work with The Philly Inquirer. For sure, Craig is one of the best Philadelphia food bloggers!

Philly Food Girl

Kass Dahlquist founded Philly Food Girl. She is fond of home cooking and is generous in sharing recipes to the dish she prepared. The blog is very organized when it comes to presenting different information to the readers. In the Out and About section, Kass shares reviews on different restaurants in the city including Seven Stones Café, Pho Ha, The Industry Bar, and Sabrina’s Café.

If you’re into home cooking and exploring different food spots in Philly, you will enjoy Kass’ content.

Philly Food Adventures

Jamie Shanker is the food blogger behind Philly Food Adventures. The unique thing about Jamie’s blog is that she focuses more on ethnic foods from different culinary traditions including Russian food and Cambodian cuisine. She is originally from Queens, New York and moved to Philly for law school in 2009.

In the blog, she provides witty and unbiased reviews on different restaurants in the city. She also provides guides on how to order a certain dish.

Jamie also offers food tours in Chinatown. The tour usually lasts for about 2 hours of walking around Chinatown and munching on different street foods.  

Eater Philly

Eater Philly curates different food and restaurant reviews from various authors. Think of it as a newspaper column for food spots in Philly. The website also provides guides to travelers about where to eat at Philadelphia International Airport and ranks different restaurants in Philly. The majority of its content revolves around giving readers updates on the newest food spots in the city.               

Gluten Free Philly

Gluten Free Philly is authored by Michael, an insurance attorney. His content focuses more on stores, restaurants, and bakeries that offer gluten-free food. Michael also features events and products on this topic, educating local and international readers about it.

Michael has created a list of gluten-free restaurants not just in Philadelphia but in New Jersey and Delaware as well. One of the restaurants he mentioned is Snap Kitchen.

Phil My Tummy

Phil My Tummy is such a witty name for a food blog in Philadelphia, isn’t it? What I love about Phil My Tummy is that they feature events, reviews, and shares recipes. Apart from reviewing the establishment, the blog also features the owners, chefs, and other people who are behind the restaurants and foods they review. Their Instagram feed is packed with beautiful and vibrant photos of food and drinks that will make you drool.

Philadelphia’s culinary scene is as diverse and vibrant as the city itself, and its food bloggers are the ambassadors of this gastronomic paradise. From uncovering hidden gems to sharing beloved family recipes, these bloggers bring the city’s flavors to life with every post. They not only guide locals and visitors to the best eats in town but also celebrate the rich cultural tapestry that defines Philadelphia’s cuisine. Whether you’re looking for the perfect cheesesteak, a delightful vegan bakery, or the latest food trends, Philadelphia’s food bloggers offer a delicious journey through the city’s ever-evolving food landscape. Dive into their blogs, and you’ll find a community passionate about food, storytelling, and the love of a great meal.

These are just a few of the best Philadelphia food bloggers! If you think there’s something we forgot to feature, let us know! I hope this article helps you in finding the best food spots in Philadelphia.  

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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