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There are a lot of recipes for vegetarians to choose from and frankly speaking, it’s obviously all over the internet. Considering to switch to a vegetarian diet can be a little of hustle and it’ll really require a lot of effort not just physically but also mentally. So in this article, I’ll make things a lot easier for you.

I’ll give you 17 Recipes For Vegetarians that you can easily make without ruining your diet and making sure you stay true to your greens. And let’s cut the chase and just get right into it!

Tofu Banh Mi

The pressed tofu in this meatless Vietnamese classic will marinate twice: first fast before cooking so it doesn’t take up too much liquid, and again after it’s done to flavor it thoroughly. A French baguette can suffice, but a Vietnamese baguette with an airier, lighter, thin-and-crisp-crusted crust is the ideal.

Vegan Crunchwraps

We organized a fast food staple to make it utterly enticing. A delightful filling of creamy vegan queso dip and hearty lentils is made, and a brief trip in a hot pan adds crispness to every bite. To make this easier, make the lentils up to 4 days ahead, the queso the day before, and the lettuce and tomatoes the morning of. When it’s time to dine, enlist the help of a second pair of hands to make assembling a breeze. These Vegan Crunchwraps will really make your day better. 

Spicy Fried “Chicken” Sandwich

This “chicken” sammie is crunchy, spicy, creamy, and sour. We recreated spicy fried chicken using protein-rich tofu and added cornmeal to the batter for additional crunch.

Don’t miss the freezing stage if you want a chicken-like feel. Tofu’s texture changes from hard and crumbly to chewy and meat-like as it freezes. Whether you freeze your tofu or not, make sure to drain it properly between paper towels before breading it; too much water inhibits the batter from turning crispy and golden.

Vegetarian Enchiladas

Some individuals believe that vegetarian cuisine cannot be full. Those individuals are incorrect! These enchiladas are filled with a filling of corn, beans, and zucchini and topped with two varieties of cheese. It’s the definition of a nutritious and hearty lunch, with avocado, tomato, and cilantro on top.

Flatbread Pizza

Homemade pizza is amazing, but it requires some time and care. These flatbread pizzas come together WAY quicker than the original form, yet they’re just as cheesy and tasty. When tomatoes and arugula are in season, we prefer to top ours with them, but if you’re cooking them in the winter, try roasted brussels sprouts or roasted carrots instead

Vegan Seared “Scallops” with Succotash

King trumpet mushrooms mimic the sweet, delicate flavor of sea scallops in a meal that brings summer feelings to the table no matter the season. This date-night-worthy supper is nestled within bright and crunchy corn and snap pea succotash.

Tofu Stir-Fry

You’ll definitely notice that most of the dishes in this list include tofu, and wonder why? It’s because tofu can give the same protein you can get from meat and it’s basically way healthier. In this recipe, you can just toss in the fave veggies that you think will match the tofu in this recipe. Step away from salad greens, almost any vegetable can work just fine: cauliflower, bok choy, onions, thin slices of potato, celery, corn…the list is limitless.

Wild Rice Pilaf

This cranberry, celery, and pecan pilaf is a fantastic way to use up a large bag of colorful wild rice. In addition to being more protein- and fiber-dense than white rice, wild rice types are more colorful.

Bibim Guksu (Korean Cold Noodle Salad)

This cold noodle meal eliminates the need to pick between salad and spaghetti. It’s also ideal for meal prep since the fresh sliced veggies keep crisp and crunchy for days, while the protein-rich soba noodles soak up flavor again and again.

Brussels Sprouts Quesadillas

You might be surprised to learn that these veggie-packed quesadillas also include some fruit. The dish combines nectarines, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, Oaxacan cheese, and chilis to produce a sweet, spicy, earthy, and, most all, cheesy feast.

Red Cabbage Tofu Potstickers

If you want to prepare your own handmade dough for these high-protein dumplings, Naturally Ella’s Erin Alderson offers this Healthy Nibbles & Bits recipe. Instead, save yourself the trouble and use store-bought wrappers, which are available in the refrigerated area of many supermarkets.

Chive and Cheddar Quiche

Quiches in general are an excellent alternative for vegetarians since they always have a good quantity of protein and healthy fats from eggs, cheese, milk, or yogurt, as well as lots of other nutrients from vegetables. This recipe calls for handmade dough, but the store-bought dough would work just as well.

Crispy Oven Baked Honey Garlic Tofu Bites

To obtain the necessary amount of crispiness in this dish, use the firmest tofu you can find. Using paper towels and a heavy pan to press the tofu for around 10 or 15 minutes before cooking will also help achieve crispy results.

Jalapeño Corn Bread Casserole

Why prepare cornbread and supper separately when you can make them both at the same time? Considering its richness and decadence, this dish is fully vegan thanks to a splash of dairy-free milk. 

Vegan Pumpkin Mac and Cheese

This dish of pasta has brilliant color and a soothing flavor thanks to a mixture of nutritional yeast, mustard powder, vegan butter, and pumpkin purée. And the recipe may be changed for either baking or stove-top cooking, whatever is more convenient for you.

Zucchini and Cannellini Tomato Stew

This one-pot miracle is the type of recipe that will come in handy when you just have a few cans of beans and tomatoes in the cupboard. If fresh spinach is unavailable, you may substitute frozen spinach.

Teriyaki Tempeh and Vegetables

And the last one to end our list of Recipes For Vegetarians is this one-pan-time saver a terrific dish to keep on hand for nights when you don’t have the stamina to spend much time on your feet. Place everything on a baking sheet, place it in the oven, and take a break while dinner prepares itself.

Tada!  I hope you enjoyed browsing these recipes for vegetarians that I’m sure will help you so much on your vegetarian journey. Don’t forget to share this list with your Vegetarian friends and soon-to-be vegetarian besties and make their lifestyle healthier. Happy Cooking! 

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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