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It’s always a good idea to list down the things to do in Baltimore before going to the city. That way, you get to maximize what the place has to offer. Fortunately, you can do so much here. We doubt that you will have a dull moment. 

Baltimore was established in 1729 to become a port for shipping grain and tobacco. And today, it is still a major seaport with a multi-diverse economy. Because of that, a lot of businesses and establishments emerged, making it the perfect place to spend a weekend. 

In this post, we’ve gathered the activities that might suit you well. Some can be done on your own, while others are more enjoyable with other folks.  

Camden Yards

Camden Yards is also referred to as Oriole Park. It is a Major League Baseball park in Baltimore. They started the construction back in 1988 and was completed in 1992. While the park is relatively new, its design is considered ‘retro.’ As they say, it’s the ballpark that forever changed baseball. So it’s always nice to visit here whenever you are in Baltimore.  

There is a mandatory metal detection screening for all its visitors before you can get in the Camden Yards. This is to ensure fun and safety. You can, of course, bring your keys, phones, and wallets. The bag you have to use should be compliant with their standards.

The National Aquarium

One of the best things to do in Baltimore is to visit the National Aquarium. It’s a nonprofit organization that aims to inspire others to conserve the world’s aquatic treasure. If you want to take a sneak peek, there’s a live stream video on their website. But nothing beats experiencing it firsthand.  

This is accessible to all modes of transportation. While it doesn’t have its own parking facilities, there are nearby parking areas if you plan to bring your car. The ticket starts at $29.95 for children to $39.95 for adults. Members have unlimited access. 

It’s perfect for the whole family, even your infants, as they have changing tables. You may not use your stroller inside. However, there are child carriers available.  

The gift shop also has amazing finds, and you might want to bring home a piece of the National Aquarium. 

Edgar Allan Poe House & Museum

Wouldn’t it be a fascinating experience to visit the original home of the famous American writer, Edgar Allan Poe. According to history, the house was probably built in 1830.

In the 1930s, the house was almost demolished to give way for a housing project. But with the efforts of the Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore, the home of the great writer was saved. 

Get to know more about Edgar Allan Poe by reserving a spot for a private tour. There are new safety protocols as part of the COVID response. So make sure to read those first before you visit. 

Paddle Boats in the Harbor

How about doing something a bit different and renting a paddle boat in the harbor? Even your kids will enjoy and could easily maneuver it. Your half-hour is already a lot of time to consume. Try not to rent during the mid-day as it tends to get too hot. You will be given your life vest as well. 

The fee is reasonable. So if you are traveling with your friends or families, you can have a small competition to add to this already enjoyable activity. 

Get Fudge at Kilwins Chocolates & Ice Cream

And after so much paddling, you can now treat yourself for some excellent fudge at Kilwins. Our top favorites are the Mackinac Island, Chocolate Sea-Salt Caramel, their classic Chocolate Fudge, and the signature Turtle Fudge. Everything is just a delight – it’s quite impossible to stop eating it. 

The methods of making fudge haven’t changed since the shop first opened. And by taking a bite, it’s as if you are taking a piece of history. 

Open a Can of NattyBo

Natty Bo, or the National Bohemian brand, started brewing its beer back in 1885. You see, enjoying the sights in Baltimore doesn’t have to be complicated. Just get yourself a can, open it up, share it with your friends, and enjoy every moment. 

By the way, there are a lot of cool merchandise to choose from, and you might want to get some for yourself. 

Sally O’s

With so many things to do in Baltimore, you better make sure you have space for some fantastic meals. We recommend paying a visit to Sally O’s. We love their Half A Roasted Chicken, Crab Carbonara, Cauliflower Bolognese, and the 28 Day Dry-Aged Ribeye. You can also get the Sally Mac, Buffalo Tofu, and the Quesabirria Tacos. 

It’s best if you reserve outdoor seating. You can use their website for reservations. It’s pretty straightforward and easy to use.  

Thames Street Oyster House

Thames Street Oyster House is another food place that you have to try when you are in Baltimore. They serve both traditional and modern cuisine, perfect for those who love to try out new food. You can start your evening with the Grilled Portuguese Rock Octopus as an appetizer. We also recommend their Thames Street Burger and New England Lobster Roll. These two are just so delightful, I could eat the same thing for the entire week! 

Enjoy a Slice of Pizza 

If you want to have a more casual dining experience, then going to pizza places is your best option. It’s what you deserve after completing your things to do in Baltimore list. 

The good news is, the city has a lot of pizza places. Since we’ve been going back and forth to Baltimore, we had the chance to try most, if not all, pizza restaurants. Some of our top picks are Verde Pizza, Matthew’s Pizzeria, Bop Brick, Pepe’s, Ledo, Harbor East Pizzeria, Joe Squared, Angeli’s, The Arthouse, and HomeSlyce. 

When we say, enjoy a slice of pizza, what we meant was to enjoy your own box! These are so good, you won’t realize how many slices you’ve been eating.  

Visit Wine Bars

And lastly, we recommend that you visit the most popular wine bars in the city. It’s not just about the wine itself. But you get to see Baltimore in a different light. 

Most wine bars will give you some historical learnings which you can’t find in other places. You might want to include these in your itinerary. Serenity Wine Cafe, Cinghiale, The Corner Bistro, V-No Wine Bar, 13.5% Wine Bar, and the Forno. 

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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