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Whether you have an hours-worth of a layover, driving by Minneapolis for a road trip, or in town, there are some must-dos and must-sees in the city. Aside from the great food, beer, and wine, you can do a lot in Minneapolis in one day. Shopping, sports, fashion, and arts, Minneapolis has it all! Let this article guide you on the things to do in Minneapolis!

Visit Museums

If you love art, then Minneapolis has various museums for you to visit. Minneapolis has museums for these on science, history, and art.

If art is what you want to see, then definitely go to the Minneapolis Institute of Art. They host different collections and exhibitions from six different continents. Another art museum to explore is the Walker Art Center. The museum houses contemporary art.

Love science? Then you can head over to the Bakken Museum. It’s interactive and awe-inspiring, both adults and kids will surely enjoy it.

For history, you could go to the Hennepin History Museum, which houses precious scholarly documents and archives. Plus, you’ll even feel like you’re stepping back in time in the museum because of the museum’s exterior.

But if you want a mix of the two, you need to add the Bell Museum to your list of things to do in Minneapolis. It’s a museum of natural history, but it has a planetarium and dioramas too.

Shop and Create New Experiences in the Mall of America

Now that you’re in Minneapolis, you can’t miss going to the largest shopping destination in the country: Mall of America. It’s not just a mall; it’s an experience as well. There’s the FlyOver America that lets you view Minnesota attractions without leaving the mall via zipline.

You can also ride indoor roller coasters in Nickelodeon Universe. And explore marine life in the Sea Life Aquarium there as well.

Appreciate Mother Nature in Parks, Lakes, or Rivers

Minneapolis boasts quite a few parks. You can cross the parks off your list while on a walking tour or driving by to go to another attraction.

A mix of both nature and art, you can visit the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden for free. Its most famous sculpture is a giant spoon, with the neck curved on the pond and a cherry hanging on the tip.

Don’t forget to add Minnehaha Park to your list of things to do in Minneapolis. There, you’ll see waterfalls (yep, you read that right) in an urban setting. It’s a great place to hike a trail, ride a bike, and have a picnic.

Perhaps you want to go kayaking or rent a canoe instead, don’t worry, there are 22 lakes in Minneapolis. Or you can take a boat tour on the Mississippi River or one of their many lakes in the city.

Watch Plays, Shows, or Musicals

Are you a Midwesterner who wants to catch plays or musicals but doesn’t have the time or budget to go to NY just yet? Drive to Minneapolis and catch great plays or musicals in their theaters. Some Broadway musicals or plays do tours in the Orpheum Theatre.

If you love Prince, Minneapolis is the place where it helped the singer launch to stardom. First Avenue is the club where you can listen and jam to the best live music in the city.

Attend Seasonal Fairs and Festivals

If you get a chance to visit Minneapolis, fairs are a must-go as well. 

Although the Minnesota State Fair is held in its twin city, St. Paul, it’s still a celebration worth attending. There’s delicious food to try, such as Pronto Pups (a corn dog), corn on the cob, and donuts, and more. You can also shop locally in their bazaars and markets. Music takes over at night, and it’s even free! Plus, you can try going on rides or other fun activities.

Food, art, and music are the reasons many go to the Stone Arch Bridge Festival. Here you can meet new and local artists and musicians.

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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