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Seattle is known to house diverse people, jaw-dropping skyscrapers, and never-ending parks. But if you want to maximize your stay in the city, then we have here the Best Things to Do in Seattle list. We’ve selected our personal favorites, and you might want to include it in your itinerary as well. 

The Space Needle

If you are in Seattle, it is a mortal sin not to check out The Space Needle. It is the city’s icon for around 60 decades and has been its emblem. You can go up to the observation deck and see several landmarks within the city. Hopefully, you are not afraid of heights as the deck has floor-to-ceiling glass panels. 

In 2017, they started to install the Loupe – the world’s only rotating glass floor. 

Seattle Center 

You will undoubtedly love the amazing structures found at the Seattle Center. This was built in 1962 and had been attracting millions of visitors every year. Here, you can find various museums and performing arts facilities. Take the Seattle Center Monorail to go here for a brand new experience. 

It’s best if you schedule your visit during the weekends. Most of the time, there’s a fantastic event on the center’s grounds. 

Pacific Science Center

Now, if you have younger kids or a science enthusiast, you have to pay a visit to the Pacific Science Center. They have several hands-on exhibits that the entire family can enjoy. 

The facility has two IMAX theaters and a planetarium. Let’s not forget that it has its own laser dome with a 10,000-watt concert sound system.  

Pike Place Market 

You should never miss the Pike Place Market where you can enjoy several things. You can get freshly baked pastries to retro souvenirs. The market still has that historical vibe, and every corner is Instagram-worthy. 

You can trace back the Pike Place Market’s history back to 1907, and today you can still find unique ingredients if you wish to make authentic dishes. 

We recommend that you visit here early because the crowd can be overwhelming. However, if you want to witness the hustle and bustle of the market, then you can go later in the day. Whatever schedule you choose, it will give you a worthwhile experience. 

Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour 

It was June 6, 1889, when a cabinet-maker accidentally started the Great Seattle Fire that wiped out more than 30 blocks!

According to history, the new city was built one to two storeys higher than the original streets. You see, it’s always fascinating to visit a forgotten place. And if this is something that interests you, then go ahead and join the tour.  

Seattle Aquarium

For those who love marine life, one of the best things to do in Seattle is to visit the city’s aquarium. Here, you will find local Pacific species. This includes salmon, rockfish, lingcod, and eels, to name a few. It’s another place that even the children will love. 

Seattle Great Wheel 

Don’t forget to visit the massive Ferris wheel located at Pier 57. This is considered the tallest on the West Coast.

For those who are scared about strong winds and moving pods, the pods of the Seattle Great Wheel are stable and do not move. Thus, it’s perfect even if you want to have a romantic date. Yes, you can get the VIP pod with a glass floor, champagne, and leather seats. Nothing gets better than that. 

Ballard Locks

How about going to the busiest set of locks in the US. The Ballard Locks was constructed in 1917 by the US Army Corps of Engineers. 

These things have changed the city by lowering the water level on Lake Washington and Lake Union. Because of that, there were new lands that can be found on the lakefronts.

Museum of Flight   

If you are fascinated about aircraft, then the best place would be the Museum of Flight. It’s the largest independent air and space museum in the entire world, and that alone should be a good reason to visit.  You can book online for easier access, and the admission starts from $25. Make sure to allot around two to three hours in this museum. 

Seattle Central Library 

One of the best things to do in Seattle is to visit the Seattle Central Library. We bet that even those who do not enjoy reading will love the place. Every corner of this library is nothing short of majestic. You can either join a group, or have a self-guided tour. 

You can also bring the kids here as there is a special section for children. There are games and puzzles which they will surely enjoy. In fact, they can attend storytimes and other interesting events, specially made for the young ones. 

Alki Beach 

If you plan to travel to Seattle during the summer, we suggest to include Alki Beach in your itinerary. You can go here if you want to relax, watch the sunset, or have a relaxing conversation with your friends. You can also do stargazing and have a campfire. There are fire pits on the beach, and this is on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Visit Breweries 

If you want something different from your usual tourist activities, you can always visit a couple of Breweries. Honestly, we’ve tried a lot, and that’s why we are confident to share the best ones with you. 

You can check out Fremont Brewing, Rooftop Brewing Company, Standard Brewing, Pike Brewing Company, and Old Stove Brewing Co. 

Go to Local Wine Bars 

We also recommend that you visit wine bars and get to know the city through their local wines. The ones that made it to our list are the Purple Cafe & Wine Bar, Bottlehouse, Le Caviste, Footprint Wine Tap, and The Barrel Thief. 

Check Out the Best Pizza Places 

And after completing our recommended things to do in Seattle, you have to reward yourself with some mouth-watering pizza. If you must know, the city has a lot of pizza places to choose from. You can eat in different places every day, and it will all satisfy your cravings. We have here some of the best ones you should never miss. 

Get a slice from Italian Family Pizza, Serious Pie, Delancey, The Independent Pizzeria, Windy City Pie, and Big Mario’s Pizza. 

We have to be honest, this is just a partial list of things to do in Seattle. If we list down everything, it could take you days to finish. 

It’s such an amazing city where there will always be something for everyone. Staying for a weekend is certainly not enough. But that’s good because you will always have a reason to go back. 

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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