Best Lunch Ideas to Try


They say lunch is the most boring meal of the day. We beg to disagree. Why not make it your best meal? Check out our easy-to-make vegan lunch ideas below!

Savory Cheese Sandwich

Savory cheese is a traditional British filler that is usually eaten with baked potatoes or sandwiches. 

By the name itself, it’s creamy, cheesy, and savory and cuts through your mouth. Wanna try one for yourself? Let’s spice it up by making it vegan!

  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time:
  • Total Time: 10 minutes
  • Recipe: The Vegan Lunchbox
  • Level: Easy
  • Serving: 4-6

What to Prepare

Large Bowl


Spoon (or anything you wish to use to mix all of the ingredients for Savory Cheese)

Spreader Knife

Ingredients for Savory Cheese

120g/4.25 oz vegan cheddar (grated)

1 grated large carrot 

1/2 finely chopped red onion 

6 tbsp vegan mayonnaise

1 tsp mustard

Salt ( a pinch would do)

ground black pepper

How to make Vegan Savory Cheese

Step 1. Prepare your bowl.

Step 2. After that, place all of your grated carrot and vegan cheddar together in the bowl.

Step 3. Then, add the red onion and vegan mayonnaise.

Step 4. Add the mustard, salt, and pepper.

Step 5. Mix everything until they are all well combined.

Step 6. Make sure to taste it so you can see if it needs more salt or pepper.

Final Step. Once you have a bowl of Savory Cheese, you can now transfer them to an airtight container and leave it in the fridge for 1-4 days.

Ingredients for Savory Cheese Sandwich


Dairy-Free Cream (or spread)

Salad Leaves

Savory Cheese

Sliced Tomato (make sure it’s ripe!)

Pickle (optional)

Let’s make your tasty sandwich!

Now, let’s get your lunch ready.

Step 1. Prepare your sandwich bread.

Step 2. After that, start by spreading a dairy-free cream (or spread) on the bread. This will provide a protective layer to your bread from the fillings and prevent your bread from getting soggy.

Step 3. Then add the salad leaves.

Step 4. Then, spread a good amount of Savory Cheese on top of the salad leaves.

Step 5. Lastly, finish off with slices of ripe tomatoes.

Optional Step: You can also spread pickles on top of your sandwich. Then top it off with a layer of sandwich bread.

Nutrition Info

Calories: 234.89 

Fat: 20.21 g

Sat. Fat: 7.28 g

Carbs: 6.84 g

Fiber: 0.71 g

Net carbs: 6.14

Sugar: 2.38 g

Protein: 7.26 g

Sodium: 325.24 mg

Cholesterol: 29.82 g

Healthy Baked Mac and Cheese

Comfort food to satisfy your nutritional needs! 

Before anything, this recipe is from a Vegan Expert, Richard Makin. It’s easy to make, plant-based, and— well, what every health-conscious vegan could dream of!

  • Total Time: 1-hour and 15 minutes (plus freezing)
  • Recipe: Olive Magazine
  • Level: Easy
  • Serving: 4

What to Prepare


Small ramekins (or just bowls)

Baking paper

Measuring cups

Measuring spoons


Plastic Wrap


Roasting Tin

Coarse Grater




1 roughly chopped carrot

300 g tubular pasta 

400 ml of plant milk

2 tbsp white miso

1 tbsp nutritional yeast flakes

1 tbsp tapioca starch

60g coconut oil 

Salt (¼ tsp)

Onion powder (¼ tsp)

Mustard powder (¼ tsp)

Ingredients for Cheese Topping

20 g raw unsalted cashews

1 tsp apple cider vinegar 

½ tsp agave syrup 

1½ tbsp nutritional yeast flakes 

1½ tbsp tapioca starch 

40g coconut oil 

Before Anything…

You must melt the coconut oil first, then cool it for a while. Also, soak the unsalted cashews an hour before you get started with cooking the dish.

Let’s get baking!

Step 1. Start with lining two small ramekins with baking paper, then set them aside.

Step 2. After that, pour all the cheese ingredients topping into the cup of your blender and add 200 ml of water and 1 tsp of salt. 

Step 3. Then blend them all at the highest speed for 1 minute. Make sure the cashews are smoothly blended so there won’t be chunks.

Step 4. Put all into a small saucepan in medium heat while whisking. Keep whisking until you see the cheese stringy melted. Then, remove it from the heat and let it cool for a while.

Step 5. Then, divide the mixture into two ramekins. Cover with plastic wrap and store them in the freezer for 2 hours until solid.

Step 6. Then, heat your oven to 200°C / fan and 180 °C / gas.

Step 6. Boil your chopped carrots in a saucepan for 15 minutes until it is completely soft.

Step 7. Remove the carrots from the saucepan using a spoon but keep the water. Set it aside in the blender.

Step 8. Add a pinch of salt in the same saucepan of water, then cook your pasta for about 5 minutes.

Step 9. While cooking the pasta, place all the remaining ingredients in the blender. Scoop 100 ml of pasta water and pour it into the blender. 

Step 10. Blend everything at high speed until puréed.

Whew! Next Step:

Step 11. Once your pasta is cooked, drain and place it on the roasting tin. Then cover it with the blended sauce. 

Step 12. Then, remove the cheese from the freezer and coarse it on top of the pasta. You don’t need to use all cheese. You can use how much you need so you can return the cheese left back to the freezer for future use.

Step 13. After that, tightly cover the tray with foil. Then, put it in the oven and bake for around 20 minutes.

Step 14. After 20 minutes, remove the foil and bake it again for 15 minutes until you see it golden and bubbling.

Final Step. Cool for a bit then, enjoy!

Fennel & Olive Mega Mix Chickpea Pancakes

Chickpea Pancake is a vegan recipe by Dave. Giving us a savory and gluten-free meal perfect for people strict on their diet. Try this recipe for a meal with high protein, iron, and fiber!

  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 20 minutes
  • Total Time: 25 minutes
  • Recipe: Hurry The Food Up
  • Level: Easy
  • Serving: 2

What to Prepare


Measuring spoons

Bowl large and small

Measuring cups

Whisk or Fork

Pan (s)


½ cup chicken flour

½ cup of water

2 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp pitted olive

½ bulb fennel

1 garlic salt ( or 1 clove garlic)

1 handful of fresh basil

Salt and pepper to taste

Ingredients for Sauce

2 tbsp vinegar

2 tbsp water

A tablespoon of olive oil

1 tbsp mustard

A teaspoon of maple syrup

Salt and pepper to taste

How to make the best Chickpea Pancake

Step 1. Slice the fennel as well as the olives. Meanwhile, if you’re using clove garlic, crush it.

Step 2. Then, set your pot to low heat. Sear the fennel in a tbsp of olive oil for 7 minutes. 

Step 3. Add olives and garlic, then fry for 5 minutes.

Step 4. Simultaneously add chickpea flour and salt into a bowl. Pour water and mix together using a whisk (or fork) until well combined.

Step 5. Ready another pan and set it to medium heat. Then, add olive oil and pour half of the batter.

Step 6. After that, fry it like how you would fry a regular pancake. Fry each side for 4-5 minutes until it’s well done. Make sure the pancake comes out a bit crispy but not overcooked.

Step 7. Then for the sauce, mix the vinegar, mustard, water, olive oil, salt, maple syrup, and pepper.

Step 8. Once your pancakes are ready, place the fillings on top. Add the fennel-oil mix, then top it with fresh basil. After that, you can finish it off with mustard sauce.

Nutrition Info

Calories: 364

Fat: 26 g

Sat. Fat: 19 g

Carbs: 26 g

Fiber: 6 g

Net carbs: 6.14

Sugar: 6 g

Protein: 8 g

Sodium: 402 mg

Potassium: 8 g

Lemon Garlic Shrimp and Grits

This recipe got a 5-star rating on Food Network. A creamy, dreamy, and perfect grit, indeed!

So, don’t skip this. It’s really a good one!

  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 15 minutes
  • Total Time: 30 minutes
  • Recipe: Food Network
  • Level: Easy
  • Serving: 4

What to Prepare

Medium saucepan


Measuring spoons 

Large skillet

Shallow bowls


3/4 cup instant grits

Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper

1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese

1 1/4 pounds medium shrimp, peeled and deveined, tails intact

3 tablespoons unsalted butter

Juice of 1/2 lemon, plus wedges for serving

2 large cloves garlic, minced

2 tablespoons roughly chopped fresh parsley

Pinch of cayenne pepper (optional)

Let’s make your lunch!

Step 1. Boil 3 cups of water in a medium saucepan over high heat, then slowly whisk the grits, 1 tbsp salt, and ½ teaspoon pepper once the water boils. Lower the heat to medium and let it cook (but stir occasionally) for 5 minutes until thickened. 

Step 2. Then, stir in the Parmesan, add 1 tbsp of butter then remove from the heat. Season it with salt and pepper and set it aside.

Step 3. After that, season the shrimp with salt and pepper.

Step 4. Then, melt the remaining 2 tbsp of butter into a large skillet on medium-high heat.

Step 5. Add the shrimp, garlic, and cayenne, and cook until the shrimp are pink for 3 to 4 minutes. Make sure to flip them from time to time.

Step 6. Then remove from heat. Add 2 tbsp of water, lemon juice, and then, parsley.

Step 7. Stir to coat the shrimp and then season with salt and pepper.

Step 8. Then, split the grit into 2 shallow bowls. Top it with sauce, then add the shrimp. 

Final Step. Lastly, enjoy your meal!

Nutrition Info

Calories: 367

Fat: 12 g

Sat. Fat: 7 g

Carbs: 26 g

Fiber: 1 g

Sugar: 0 g

Protein: 34 g

Sodium: 904 mg

Cholesterol: 309 mg

Pan-Seared Salmon with Kale and Apple Salad

This is by far our favorite among all the recipes mentioned above. So, don’t forget to try this one. It’s tangy, sweet, and fulfilling with every bite!

  • Prep Time: 20 minutes
  • Cook Time: 20 minutes
  • Total Time: 40 minutes
  • Recipe: Food Network
  • Level: Easy
  • Serving: 4

What to Prepare


Measuring spoons 

Nonstick skillet

Large bowl


Four (5-ounce) center-cut salmon fillets. 1-inch thick

3 tbsp  lemon juice 

3 tbsp olive oil 

Kosher salt 

6 cups kale, ribs removed, leaves very thinly sliced 

1/4 cup dates

1 Honeycrisp apple

1/4 cup finely grated pecorino

3 tbsp toasted slivered almonds

grounded black pepper

4 whole wheat dinner rolls

Making your best meal

Step 1. Firstly, start by leaving your salmon at room temperature for 10 minutes

Step 2. Whisk your lemon juice, 2 tbsp of olive oil, and 1/4 tsp salt together in a large bowl.

Step 3. Then add the kale, coat it and leave for 10 minutes.

Step 4. Meanwhile, cut the dates into thin slivers and the apple into matchsticks. 

Step 5. Add the dates, apples, cheese, and almonds to the kale and season it with pepper. Then, set aside.

Step 6. After that, sprinkle ½ tsp of salt and pepper into the Salmon. Heat the 1 tbsp oil left in a nonstick skillet over medium-low heat. Then, up the heat to medium-high after a while. Place the salmon but make sure the skin side is up. 

Step 7. Cook for 4 minutes until the side turns golden brown. Then flip the fish over to cook for 3 minutes more.

Step 8. Serve the salmon, salad, and rolls on 4 plates

Final Step. Enjoy!

Nutrition Info

Calories: 620

Fat: 36 g

Sat. Fat: 8 g

Carbs: 40g

Fiber: 7 g

Protein: 9 g

Sodium: 730 mg

Cholesterol: 85 mg

Bon Appetit!

Vegan meals don’t have to be a sad picture. And definitely doesn’t have to be bland! If you make any of these vegan lunch ideas, make sure to let us know in the comments. Happy eating, folks!

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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