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When it comes to finding the best soup bowls for your kitchen, beauty and functionality top the list of must-have attributes. Soup eating experience at home is so much better when the bowls you use not only gets the job done but look good as well. Here is our favorites list of the best soup bowls whether you’re having French onion soup or generous scoops of ice cream:

Lipper International Acacia Wood Wave Bowls

Made from quality Acacia wood, the Lipper International Acacia Wood Wave Bowls are perfect for side salads, fruits, cereal, and of course, your favorite soup. It has a modern wave design that gives a casual and relaxed feel to your table. 

The bowls are lightweight, easy to wash, and with proper care and treatment, will last a long time. When not in use, you can place fruits in them and leave them on the countertop as decoration. Its versatility and good depth can hold a considerable amount of salads or nuts.

Price Point: $49.99 for a set of four

Hinomaru Collection Quality Green Kosui Reactive Glaze Bowls

These Japanese-inspired bowls are ideal for noodles or rice but can be great soup bowls as well. The Hinomaru Collection Quality Green Kosui Reactive Glaze Bowls’ interior is handcrafted with a turquoise green kosui reactive crackle glaze. On the outside, it has a black satin finish that all goes well with any table setting.

These bowls are made with food-grade porcelain, free from lead, and are non-toxic. They are odor, crack, and heat resistant, perfect for that steaming hot wonton noodle soup. They are 100% microwaveable, freezer, and dishwasher safe. Since these are by hand, expect some variations in shape and size.

Price Point: $22.99 for a set of four

Le Creuset Soup Bowls

Fall in love with the Le Creuset Soup Bowls in a Caribbean blue shade that looks good in an Art Deco or any contemporary style kitchen. Its vibrant glaze can resist chipping, cracking, and staining. It has a non-porous stoneware built that goes well with all kinds of soups and liquids.

It has thermal resistance capabilities that are safe for microwave, dishwasher, freezer, broiler, and even the oven. These bowls clean up quickly thanks to their non-stick glazed interiors. Its 22 fl ounces capacity can hold quite a huge serving of your fave soup.

Price Point: $79.99 for a set of four, $55.95 on sale

Noritake Colorwave Rice Bowl

The Noritake Colorwave Rice Bowls come in various colors to let you do some mixing and matching at your dinner table. These 6-inch bowls can hold a generous serving of soup, fruits, stew, casserole, and so much more. These are from durable stoneware that keeps the moisture and heat in to keep your soups deliciously warm for a longer time.

These bowls are part of the Noritake Colorwave Square Dinnerware Collection. They would go well with previous and newer versions of that collection. The name Noritake is enough to convince you of its quality and durability.

Price Point: $30.00 or $11.99 when on sale

Delling Geometric Soup Bowls

Also great for cereal, salads, rice, oatmeal, and many other dishes, hot or cold. The Delling Geometric Soup Bowls have a unique shape that makes it easy for hand-holding while watching TV or having breakfast in bed. Its hexagonal-shaped base keeps it firmly planted on the table, no worries of spilling there.

These bowls can withstand heat of up to 520°, so they’re microwave and oven safe. They are resistant to chipping, cracking, and staining. They are designed to be space savers as they can be stacked on top of each other for easy storage.

Price Point: $21.98 for a set of four

Y YHY White Soup Bowls

It’s no surprise that the Y YHY White Soup Bowls made it to this list of the best soup bowls. With thousands of positive reviews on online stores, it deserves its place here. These are multi-purpose bowls that you can use for salads, pasta, ice cream, cereals, and many other types of dishes.

The wide and shallow design makes it ideal for microwave heating without the spills. They are scratch, chip, heat, and freeze resistant. You can pop them in the microwave, oven, freezer, or dishwasher with no worries of losing its beauty. They are also stackable for easy storage.

Price Point: $40.45 for a set of six

JapanBargain Japanese Plastic Noodle Soup Bowl

If you’re looking for value for your money, the JapanBargain Japanese Plastic Noodle Soup Bowl is the best soup bowl for you. This lightweight, plastic lacquer bowl has a variety of uses. From rice and salads to ramen and oatmeal, this bowl can add that Asian look and feel to your dinner table.

The bowl is microwave safe and is BPA free which means having your soup without the fear of toxins. The base of the bowl has raised plastic on it to lift the bowl away from the table. It acts as insulation to keep you from burning your hands and still enjoy your hot soup.

Price Point: $6.89

Lifver Porcelain Cereal/Soup/Noodle Bowl

If Art Deco or Asian-inspired isn’t your thing, the Lifver Porcelain Cereal/Soup/Noodle Bowl is the perfect bowl for you. The design looks good on any style of dinnerware or kitchen you may have. Its white color can be mixed and matched with your existing plates and is an excellent accompaniment to even the most colorful cups and saucers.

Made from high-fired porcelain, this bowl is lightweight yet durable. It is non-toxic, lead-free, FDA approved, microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe. This bowl is easy to clean and stackable for quick storage. 

Price Point: $16.76 for a set of four 28 ounce bowls


Whether you’re entertaining or having some alone time, soup is always a comforting and warming choice. Having the best soup bowls can improve the experience and make your kitchen or dinner table more enticing and welcoming. 

Summer Thatcher
Summer Thatcher
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